Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 error 7 trustzone


bought a second Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T813). The first one was successfully migrated ( twrp then /e/ ).
With the second one, I use the same files (twrp-3.5.0_9-0-gts210vewifi.img and

TWRP was successfully transfered. But at the “adb sideload” step, an error 7 occurs (verify_trustzone ).

What is it and how to go further ?


Found a solution with some internet research.

In the archive , modify the file META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script, juste adding the “TZ.BF.3.0.3-00021” zone:

assert(samsung.verify_trustzone(“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00064”,“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00067”,“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00071”,“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00074”,“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00077”,“TZ.BF.3.0.3-00021”) == “1”);

Then there is no more errors, the sideload is ok.
Everything seems to work fine. Wifi is OK, i’ve launched the OTA upgrading into 0.15-20210313105774.

:sweat: Since the OTA operation, I cannot start anymore in “kernel mode”. Now If I sideload again the modified 0.14 image, it is written “successful”. But at reboot, no kernel mode but only recovery…always. No more /e/ . I don’t understand what’s going on.

By chance I found a solution: reboot in “download” mode and reinstall TWRP via the “heimdall flash” command. Then it boots again in kernel mode. Can’t explain !!

Thus I managed to install the 0.15 version downloaded from the /e/ site, applying the previous trustzone workaround. At this point OTA will never work.

I added an issue here: