Samsung Galaxy Tab2 espressowifi (two models 7 & 10)

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I just tested,
I am sorry but after the Samsung_logo only a black screen is displayed, so i tempt a format /data → not better…
This device is reputed a nightmare to build, Only @Android-Andi have achieved it…
However @Mighty told me yesterday that there will be no problem to build /e/nougat from official LOS sources

hmm, I took the official LOS sources and applied the patches needed for hardware_ti_omap4 only.

maybe this is the issue or other patches needed too?

ok, last try. I applied now all patches I could find:

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i just tested

still a black screen after the Samsung Logo…
thank you for your time !

wich sources did you use ? those from @Android-Andi or those from @Mighty ?

The official LOS sources and patches for andi

Sorry, I am out of development for years now and by accident formatted the SSD with all sources synced.
Black screen could be everything… Selinux, wrong blob and kernel combination. Try to get a dmesg and see if you find something telling what’s going on and what not.

Best regards


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Thank you for your intervention,
i know you are retired,
i have just (2 days ago) created a private conversation on XDA to ask Mighty’s advices/help

ps: i am proud of my first build achivement : a custom mini /e/ for the s4mini

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Local manifest example, also on how to replace the CM omap4 repo:

Those branches uses a newer DDK! Changes in Frameworks also needed, see the patches here:

My omap4 hardware repo already contains everything needed.

Hope this helps! Make sure to use the right branches!

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Overclock kernel. Has own def config!

Hey andi, something offtopic but the patches in other branches link to ua gerrit which is down.
As far as I recall we just need the frameworks/ab patch for video decoding using Ducati right? Otherwise it should atleast just boot

@piero did you try these patches?

Posted sources + patches (patch files, can be applied easily) should be fine and is what I used in the past. If I remember right added the omap4 hardware patches there too, to apply onto the lineageos hardware repo.

If using my repo:

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I used the official sources from lineage for the device and applied the patches from the repo as above.
I remember that 2 of the patches I could not apply from the vendor/cm branch…I need to lookup for the error messages again
Building however went fine, but apparently those 2 patches are needed.

@ronnz98 some patches are only needed for the newer DDK. That might explain the bootloop.
New DDK depends on the hardware/ti, frameworks/native, vendor/ti and kernel/ti/omap4 (hope I didn’t forgot one).

I will try with your repos

If it boots you might think about using the OC kernel. Tab 2 isn’t snappy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ketut Kumajaya on XDA developed / adjusted the OC Interface long time ago and was used by many users by his legend Blackhawk NEXT kernel.

ok, now I took sources from Android-Andi and build for latest nougat (0.21) without patches:

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Testing :

  • it boots…

  • i see the e bouncing…

it is expected to be long…

  • first boot wizard… :+1:

the screen need to be in portrait to be abble to ignore the lack of SIM card.

  • BlissLauncher boots :+1:

BlissLauncher don’t allow Landscape mode, even if its locked screen allow it.

  • there is no browser, is it expected ?

Edit : it should be not the “final build”…

after some minutes, touch and screen were buggy, black screen, swipe to unlock screen don’t work,
now it’s a bit better.
also, even if GSM icone or wifi say it’s good, f-droid can’t download, don’t update repo,
bluetooth don’t work
install kit stop to work when trying to install “Mull” from SDcard
MTP don’t work, adb don’t work…
i have seen a message tells system not responding when i wanted to reboot
now it is stuck on the reboot window… i needed to force shut down and reboot
factory-reset don’t help…

thanks for your effort
@ronnz98 “the /e/ unofficial maniac builder” (more than 100 devices)
@Android-Andi “the retired”
i need to sleep…

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Great to hear! With my sources and the new DDK apply the patch files to the frameworks repos.