Samsung J4plus os needed

Samsung J4plus os needed

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  1. Retrieve device’ specs: Samsung Galaxy J4+ - Specifications
  2. Start from xda and search for LOS-based customs in order to grab sources/device trees (and, why not, try ask there if someone can build \e\ for you): Samsung Galaxy J4+ ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Ot | XDA Forums
  3. Share infos you’ve collected (don’t forget tags), like this: Samsung Galaxy A10 (Exynos)

If you’ll recieve no responses, consider building \e\ yourself by folloqing this guide:

And/or this other (for beginners):


1 Like True, but not everyone is able to build a /e/ right away…

You’re right, an “automatic” build server would be great…

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/e/ have got one. Sadly it’s only available to /e/ staff :slight_smile: Even community maintainers cant access it

…and what about setup a (unofficial) building VM ?

[OT] discussion about “building (V)Machine” - with some very interesting resources - here: