Samsung J5 2016 (jxnlte) - device request

There is an Unofficial LineageOS 17.1 build.

This is a nice phone, I’d like to put it into good use for my parents to use.

Hi, LOS17 is Android 10 (Q) and eOS is still max. on pie (LOS16). So it will need some month til someone can use the LOS17.1 sources.

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

I hope that before the end of the year, each device request will result in the creation of an unofficial build for it in less than 3 days (if sources are already available somewhere of course).

But before this, we still need to spend a lot of time on :

  • updating existing unofficial builds (that are almost all LineageOS supported device and that are/was almost all outdated),
  • maybe upgrade them thanks unofficial LineageOS sources,
  • and create unofficial builds for the long list of already requested devices.

For now, you could try to build it yourself, a LineageOS 16.0 is also available for your device if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

Thank you for the replies. I missed that /e/ can’t use 17.1 base. Yes, there is also a LineageOS 16.0 available . I don’t have the time, disk space or processing power to try building myself at the moment (I’ve tried building for other devices in the past), but hopefully I will get a new computer soon and I’ll have a go if it isn’t done yet.

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You do not need to build on your own PC there are options available on the net to help you with the build. There is a post on the forum on this same subject you can refer.