Samsung Note 9 SM-N960U1 Qual Snapdragon

Hello. I have been wanting to root and install a more private friendly OS for a bit now, and finally decided to take the risk of it becoming bricked…lol. I found yall today after some more research and was ecstatic until I saw that the Note 9 (US) is not on your device list. I also see that you will soon be offering a service where we can send you our phones to root and install /e/ for us? Can you please provide any more info on that too please? OR if anyone at all knows of someone local to Texas (DFW area)…I know, a long shot but thought I would ask just in case because I am VERY ready to “deGoogle” and dispose of Samsung too.

Here is a link from XDA showing there is an exploit found on US Note 9 version where accomplishing ROM changes:

I also attached a screenshot of the build, kernel, update version, etc if that helps. It will be uploaded in a second statement by me since the XDA links is considered an image and I’m new, so only one image allowed in my post.

I am SOOOO hoping this is possible soon. Thank you so much for your help and just existing as an alternative to all the big brothers out there today! LOL


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Ok, here is the screenshot. Lol Thanks and have a great day!


Sadly the team realised it was too much work for them, so this “mail-in your phone” service might never come.
Instead, the dev team has released this week a tool named “Easy Installer” to flash easily a device. For now only a few devices are supported and it’s only available on GNU/Linux.

And no need to root the phone in order to flash a custom ROM. You need to unlock the bootloader and that’s what can’t be done on a lot of US phones.

Samsung builds two different Galaxy Note9. One with Chipset Samsung Exynos 9810 for the EMEA regions and one with Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 for regions USA, LATAM, Brazil, China.

Your SM-N960U is the USA version Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with product code TMB from USA (T-Mobile).

The Samsung model series S7, S8 and S9 supported by /e/ OS are Samsung’s Global models with chipset Samsung Exynos 9810 only. Other chipsets are not supported for technical reasons.

Thanks for the detailed info. But then what was XDA talking about in the article link I provided with an exploit found so that my version of the Note can be rooted? Which also leads me into my response to @Anonyme. Ok, so I dont need to root my phone to use /e/, but my version doesnt allow the ability to unlock the boot loader. So, the article I referenced from XDA is irrelevant? Also, if I’m not able to unlock the boot loader from stock version, couldnt I just root the phone and then install /e/?? If not, why?

I also have a minor discussion going on with @Manoj on being able to use the installer for the Note 9 in another topic thread…I dont know if having him cues into this one or vice versa would be helpful or not.

I really do appreciate all the help. Thanks!! :wink::ok_hand:

Locked bootloader = No /e/ OS ROM.

If the boot loader is “Locked” then it will verify what it boots. Unauthorized software is blocked. Also fastboot flash commands or 8. adb sideload the /e/ .zip package do not work.

So we can’t boot custom recovery like TeamWin TWRP, Lineage Recovery, etc. also can’t boot custom ROM like LineageOS or /e/ OS


If /e/ does not offer this service, I will activate as a private person at least a Smartphone Flashing service via mail at least for Samsung devices and LG G3 d855 and LG G5 h850.

Hello, hello,

Can the e/OS be loaded on a Note 9 SM-N960F 512go, Equinox 9 Octa 9810?
It looks it is the same as a S9?

Thank you in advance

Yes you can use /e/OS on it,
but builds are devices specifics,
you can’t use the s9 build, you need the Note9 one :

Merci Piero.
I believe it will be wiser for me to wait an official release for Note 9. I don’t feel comfortable testing it as I am unable to repair and handle a failure.

you can’t soft brick
if using Odin on a Windows PC, you can Update / Install / Restore Stock-Samsung-Firmware, in a simple Graphique User Interface.
or using Heimdall-Flash commands line on a Linux PC.
itsclarence, the éditor of this build is reconised and considered on this forum.

I just picked up an unlocked SM-N960U1. I know that means unlocked from a carrier, not sure if that also included the boot loader. But say I can get the boot loader unlocked, does the current crownlte image support the snapdragon processor or would I have to do my own build?


I guess that it wouldn’t make since manufacturing wise to have two different software loads, one for each processor.