Samsung Pay Installs But Won't Open

Hello everyone.

I installed Samsung Pay on my Galaxy S9+. The install went fine but the app won’t open. I keep receiving the message “Samsung Pay has stopped” and I’m promoted to open the app again but the same thing keeps happening.

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but with the same results.

Any suggestions?


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Not sure the Samsung Pay will work on /e/ . There is a list of applications which will not work on /e/ . If the app depends on having the full google code base then it will have issues on /e/.

Thanks. I’m new here, so any thoughts on how to escalate this to see if a fix can be implemented? Do I suggest it to Samsung, /e/, someone else? thanks.

You can raise this on Gitlab …a fix here would be dependent on if the app works on de googled operating systems like /e/OS