Samsung S10e with stock Android 12, how to switch to /e/ OS?

I have a played with and tested /e/ on a S9 for some time now. I love it.

Currently my main device is a Samsung S10e with stock Android 12 … I wonder what the best way is to get this one running with /e/?
On the instructions page is a warning that I shouldn’t install /e/ on stock firmware with higher version as /e/. So I need to go back to Android 11 on the S10e? What’s the best way to do so?

Also: anyone migrated WhatsApp data from a stock device to a /e/ installed device? Is this possible?

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This may help you to get started: /How to/ install /e/ R on a samsung galaxy s10e already running android 12

But actually we are on Android 12 now =)


I’ve also just taken the leap to e/os on a s10e. Just flash S build (android 12) you’ll just need to unlock your bootloader. I’ve encountered some issues woth GPS though (no galileo, multiple gps apps not working here).

As for whatsapp do a local backup in the settings then save internal/android/media/com.whatsapp to an external storage. Then after you install e/os copy it back where it where before opening whatsapp and it will prompt you to restore the local backup on first use :slight_smile:

This is what I did, except my source is inernal/WhatsApp folder as the S9 is still on Android 10. It did not work.
I’ll give it a new ry with raring the folder to ensure I have really got all files.

I also succeeded /e/ install on s10e simply using the 1.6-s build. Documentation must be updated. I’ll tell it on the related page

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