/How to/ install /e/ R on a samsung galaxy s10e already running android 12

Happy to announce that I succeeded in downgrading my phone from android 12 to 11, and installing /e/. I will do my best to explain how I managed to do it, as I haven’t much knowledges in this specific field.

How to enter boot modes on s10e
Check for an other device here
Recovery mode :
With the device powered off - Reboot and immediately hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power while the device is connected to a PC via USB cable Download mode :
With the device powered off - hold Volume Down + Bixby and connect USB cable to PC

Downgrading from android 12 to 11
This can be easy or it can be hard because of anti-rollback protection (samsung unallowing you to downgrade).
Check you CSC on your phone by dialing *#1234#. You can also have this number in recovery mode. Mine was G970FOXMEGVA4.
You need to find a stock rom which has a bit (the bold letter in my CSC) which is equal or higher to be allowed to downgrade.

I downloaded on sammobile (you need to create an account) the version G970FOXMEFUJ2 . In both, same binary “E”, no anti-rollback protection, you can still downgrade. Once your BIT passes to F (after an update), you’ll be in trouble and I don’t know how you can do it…

Once you found your stock rom, you just need to flash it through odin as it is described here for example.

Flashing TWRP
This was a difficult part but I would make it easy for you if you have the same samsung model as I do.
The regular way to flash TWRP doesn’t work with samsung s10 series.
While flashing TWRP you need to flash at the same time a vbmeta image with verity disabled.

A stock device is protected by Android Verified Boot. This is implemented as a vbmeta partition that contains cryptographic digests for verifying the integrity of boot.img, recovery.img and other partitions/images. Flashing TWRP without first flashing a vbmeta image with verity disabled will render your device unable to boot.
Quoted from TWRP website

You will have to follow this simple procedure :

Official support forum

Prerequisites: Samsung USB drivers, Odin v3.14.1
If you already have the bootloader unlocked you can skip to step 6.

  1. Make sure OEM Unlock is ON in developer settings;
  2. Turn off the phone;
  3. Use vol down + bixby key + usb cable plugged to a pc to start the phone in download mode;
  4. Long press vol up then confirm you want to unlock bootloader (this is needed one time only);
    5.** Please be aware all your data will be erased including internal storage and phone will reboot!!**
  5. Let the phone boot normally, pass the setup and connect to internet (wireless or mobile data) in order to unlock RMM;
  6. Make sure OEM Unlock is ON in developer settings;
  7. Turn off the phone;
  8. Use vol down + bixby key + usb cable plugged to a pc to start the phone in download mode, short press vol up to confirm you want to go to download mode;
    10.** If by any chance you see RMM state=Prenormal or KG state=Prenormal, redo from step 5!**
  9. Download appropriate TWRP .tar file according to your device
  10. Download avb disabled vbmeta .tar
  11. Open Odin v3.14.1 and place the downloaded TWRP .tar file in AP tab, downloaded vbmeta .tar file in CP tab and click Start - once you press start grab the phone and press vol up + bixby + power to force it boot straight in TWRP after flashing

!! Only if coming from full stock firmware

  • In TWRP home screen press wipe - format data - yes
  • Download and flash multidisabler-samsung-3.* zip to disable security and encryption.

I succeeded using twrp-3.6.0_9-1-beyond0lte.img.tar which is the latest version working with android 11. The versions above are for android 12. This version is for samsung galaxy s10e europe only.
I tried several older versions but it didn’t work.

In download mode, you need to see these lines if you want to be able to flash TWRP
KG state=checking
FRP lock = off
OEM lock = off (u)
Secure download = enabled

If not, you’ll probably have this error message “an error has occured while updating the device software. Use the emergency recovery function in the smart switch pc software” and you’ll have to flash the stock rom again.

Even while doing steps 5 to 8 as described above, I still had KG state=Prenormal.
I managed to pass it to “KG=checking” following instructions in this video until 3:50.

I haven’t done the step below (I forgot). I don’t know if it was a mistake or not as I don’t know what it was for.

Installing /e/
Now you just need to follow the rest of the instructions.

If any native english want to correct my mistakes I won’t be mad. I hope it’s not too bad.

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


Great news @Marine !

Potential Samsung phone liberators may be surprised by the importance of information such as “Prenormal” on the Odin mode (or Download mode) screen. I have updated this entry level page in light of your success. Thank you.

Getting Started on /e/OS

Thank you @Marine for the additional guide! Finally got E running on the same phone/original OS as your have. Samsung don’t make it easy do they!


  • I only saw KG state = Checking, so the ‘Prenormal’ issue didn’t happen to me.
  • As you mentioned, I did not use multidisabler-samsung-3 and it worked OK.

Also the OEM Unlock was confusing but this page helped:

(I think it was on these boards I found this anyway).

Seems to be complicated, especially to get the correct image for the downgrade from a trusted source. Also, I don’t have Windows and didn’t found a proper solution for downgrading with linux. :frowning:

As my device is on F already, I postpone this task and hope, that /e/ upgrade to Android S is available before stock Android 13 arrives.

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Thank you @Marine for this tutorial, very appreciated it save me a lot of time :smiley:

I will contribute in return to this topic with a long feedback as I have done that successfully on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos (beyond1lte).

First, gathering information, reading all docs before doing anything is very important!
The code *#1234#. was very useful !!!
I did a screenshot of it, as well as the information in Android parameters / about / software versions
I highly recommend you guys to do it before doing any action / modification. Then, save the screenshots on your PC. If anything bad happen then you’ll be able to re-flash the exact same stock ROM version as the one that was installed at first !
This will also help you to find the closest Android 11 version for your model.

Second, as always, use a good USB data cable, plug your laptop to power-supply and make sure your phone is charged at 100%

For me, at first it did not work and I brick my device, semi-brick in fact.
I think it happen because I used Heimdall on Linux to do the Android downgrade to v11, instead of Odin on Windows. Maybe an issue with Heimdall 1.4.2 which is pretty old tool now or with libusb 1.0.0, I don’t know.
It failed when flashing the VENDOR partition and I didn’t find any explanation on XDA …
Finally I was able to recover my phone by flashing an Android 11 same Carrier (SFR) than original stock ROM but using Odin !
So third, do not use Heimdall to do any stock ROM flash on S10! Use ODIN even if you don’t like to use Windows or if you don’t have any at home, ask a friend !!!

@ne20002, in fact it is not so difficult to find the correct stock firmware for the downgrade.
Just go on https://www.sammobile.com and open an account.
Once done, in the search box, enter the exact code name of your S10, something like SM-Gxxxx (mine is SM-G973F) and in the drop down list select your Country and carrier provider (mine was France SFR)
Then click Search.
A list will be shown, download the latest Android 11 version (mine was G973FXXSEFUL1)
Download can take a while so I did that before going to sleep :slight_smile:

Once done, do not yet unlock OEM on your phone, it is not necessary and it will avoid that you flash a non compatible version. Also do take version Odin3-v3.14.4.zip that you can find on XDA forum: Odin3 v3.14.4 : Added Support Flash Firmware 2020 Phone: Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip,.. | XDA Forums
Do not use any hacked / modified version of Odin because it is flashing any ROM even non compatible one and can brick you phone! It is absolutely not necessary for the downgrade we need to do.
Make sure Samsung drivers are installed before using Odin.

Some important note at the last step, for RECOVERY (TWRP) + VBMETA partitions flash:

  • you need to unlock the OEM, this will requiere to activate developper option, tick OEM unlock, reboot in download mode, long press VOL+ and reboot again. It will wipe all the data (factory reset) so be sure to do a backup before! Then activate the dev option again and let it run on Wifi or Data for a while you should see OEM unlock but this time it will be grey out
  • reboot again to download mode and check that those are NOT at RMM state=Prenormal or KG state=Prenormal (mine goes to pending).
  • you can use Heimdall, I did and it works well, if you do so use the TWRP .img file
  • you can use ODIN but in this case as Marine use the .tar version of your TWRP
  • be carefull when downloading TWRP because there are 2 familly of CPU for S10 in TWRP file list, Exyonos and Snapdragon. Be sure to take the one compatible with your phone
  • you needed to be very fast, so here how I did:
  1. I open a terminal, then ran this command to be root and avoid to have to type the password, it will save precious seconds!
    sudo su -
  2. Then I prepared the command on my PC for heimdall:
    heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --VBMETA vbmeta.img
  3. I did not press ENTER, with both hands I placed my finger on the VOL+ and BIXBY and POWER button near the ENTER key, then press it
  4. as soon as the phone screen goes black (reboot), I push the 3 buttons at the same time and keep it pressed for 10 sec approx and it leads me to TWRP recovery :smiley:
  5. Do not exit from TWRP at any moment untill /e/ is flashed
  6. Wipe Factory / reset, do not reboot
  7. Format Data (you need to type yes then validate)
  8. check the zip file of /e/OS R 1.x against the md5sum file using this command md5sum nameofyour_e_OS.zip
  9. Flash /e/OS R 1.x and if success is shown, now you can reboot

@Marine, I did not flash as well the multidisabler-samsung-3.5-corsicanu.zip because this is required only if you come from stock and also intend to use the Android 11 stock version. I our case it is not needed as this script is doing modification to /system and /vendor but /e/ will anyway reflash those partitions.

Good luck for getting rid of Google and Samsung bloatwares :smiley:

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Hello, I was running Android 12/Lineage with latest android 12 samsung firmwares installed.

I then installed /e/ OS R/11 without any problem. Everything works well for two months on the phone.

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I bought a S10 with installed Android 12 version G973FXXUFHVG4 a few days ago. What should I do, any new Ideas?

You can update it with the normal Samsung android update menu then follow the procedure of installation for e os. The heimdall version offered in the doc in too old and non functional, just use the one offers in the lineage is documentation for this phone

@Estef did you succeed to install /e/ on your S10e with Android 12 (F) ?

As said in this post, the last build 1.6-s can be installed on G970FXXSGHVI1

Hello Marine
I apologize for being newbie to alternate ROM flashing, but I didn’t understand the general principle behind your procedure. So let me be a little lapidary / concise. Is there hope to install /e/ on a Galaxy S10 Exynos (beyond1lte) with STOCK ROM G973FXXUGHVJ5?
Small side question, is it necessary to use TWRP ? Is /e/ Recovery not less of a problem for /e/OS installation ?

It will be possible with e-1.7-s-2023xxxxxxx or e-1.8-s-2023xxxx
Because of the related Android Sécurity Patch Level (release date)

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Is there a place where I can find a release schedule for future versions ?

No G973FXXUGHVI on the site
Maybe I’m doing it wrong or need to look elsewhere ?

My fault, You are right, it is G973FXXSGHVI4 for your device

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This /e/OS v1.7 includes the Android security patches available until October. More information in the link below.
Android security patch October available until November



Hello, great explanation which gives me hope.

the first problem I run into: my phone has G973FOXMGHVJ5 is rollback possible?

There is a G973BXXUDHVJ1 with A12 and Android-Security-Level q. Oct. 2022 in my pile of defective devices – I’ll try and see if I can test on that, but may take a few days.

Please notice the date of the OP, things have rolled on a bit and rollback seems not required. You can install /e/ from the latest pair (ROM + recovery) shown here https://images.ecloud.global/dev/beyond0lte/. A device updated on manufacturer Android 12 is just right to install e-1.14-s-20230818321663-dev-beyond0lte.zip.

One thing to rule out though, the Android security patch level on your Samsung should not be in advance of the Android SPL for your chosen ROM – found in the release notes https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases, search for “Security fixes”

A graphic on /e/ and Android versions e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd.

Great, thank you - looking forward