Samsung s6 s6 edge builds October and December are Broken

Hello , friends , hope you all are doing oke ,
I,m a tester and fan of efoundation and I like to report about the development of the Samsung s6 zeroltexx and zerofltexx , both builds from October and December are Broken …

I reported this in one of my Youtube videos already , but nothing changed , The bug was adapted into the December build 13 , and honestly , it makes e foundation look bad , after the amazing works we got before for this device,.

So Advise to the developer , TEST yourself first before you release ,and don’t create ROMS if you don’t have the device and only depends on coding ,
nothing more frustrating if your showing the rom Live on Youtube and these crashes happen , everyone knows how Bill Gates felt getting a BSOD while presenting his OS .

I really hope this will be fixed and that the October builds and December will be deleted from the Website , the Feb builds can stay , those were made by someone that at least tested his works.

Best wishes and wisdom for the New Year and Big Up eFoundation .

Regards from Puck

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Greetings, Puck. I can confirm the most recent dev build for the S6 is borked- I’m getting spontaneous reboots.

The minimal nougat version loaded by the /e/asy installer works quite well, except for that pesky voice echo bug that appears to be due to the noise-cancelling microphone on this device.

Hello my brother
That is amazing news , I never used easy installer , can I get the ROMS zip
or is that not available anymore?
Thanks for replying and pointing to the best option.

Viva eFoundation

@channel48 Puck, you’re most welcome! I’m not sure where these .zips are (someone with more knowledge will come along and help you with that soon enough) but the /e/asy installer infos can be found here. I’ve used it multiple times now in Windows and it works quite well. Safe travels, brother.

Hi bro thanks to you I tried Easy installer and I captured the Zip , I really hope that
E Foundation will replace the Zips at the download section , I also found out that my N7100 that got Dec Rom or Oct , running at the moment , was not supported by the installer ,
I will get the one for the Edge then I can finally make a decent review about the S6 edge and flat …I will Credit you in the video to .
Stay blessed bro

One Love

Viva eFoundation
Note , the Zips I captured will not be shared , instead I will point
to the Installer.

G925 is not supported yet in Easy installer
, so no updated ROM for s6 edge yet , .

Bro is the installer a Joke?
It’s deleting a Feb 2020 build to then replace it with a june 2019 version? 7.1.2 NJH47F 20190603 dev-keys Jun 3 10:29:42 UTC 2019

This is very confusong guys , que pasa?

No @channel48 Puck, it’s not a joke and I suspect there is a very good reason for it to be doing what it’s doing, but I don’t know what that reason is! There is a forum section for /e/asy installer here. This question should probably get asked there.

Safe travels

Beg you pardon bro ? What reason can there be to deliver a outdated rom to the people ?
Then one can better get the last Feb2020 build or am i mistaken?
So I will not review the easy installer cause it will make efoundation look bad , and that is the last thing I want for a Foundation I love so much !

If this is a money problem or lack of developers I like to know , so we can work on fixing that,.

Puck, I wish there were easy answers to your questions. The “out-dated” ROM is, by my information, the last one that works “out of the box” even though it is minimal nougat.

As for your questions about money or lack of developers that is something that I cannot address- I do not know, sorry- maybe send a message to @manoj, he might be able to answer.

It’s oke bro , but I can confirm that the 3th build from below in the download section is good , i run them both on my s6 and edge , so the 2019 is not the best build out there.
But ok , I will go back to my work , thanks for coming out to me .
Have a