Samsung S6 SM-G920F touch motion malfunction!

Hi everyone, I just joined you and I communicate with you with translation. Please, sorry.

While installing the phone / e / operating system, the screen detected reverse movement on the TWRP.
*#2663# I did this but the cellular network is not available error appeared.

Please help me.

Hello @tezgah,
I can guess the problem, but Iā€™m not sure, because the translation is a bit choppy for me. Can you please try the translation again with ā†’ DeepL Translator?

Unfortunately there is no Turkish option.
When I say touch reverse works root, what should I do?
It happened after installing TWRP.

With the available information I cannot get a correct picture of the bug. At the moment I can only tell you that my installation of TWRP and /e/OS ROM on a ā†’ Galaxy S6 Edge went without any problems.

I was able to solve the problem, thank you for your attention.