Samsung S7 bricked ? stuck on TWRP logo


Actually to start my phone I have to connect it to the usb cable and after is stuck on the TWRP logo (v3.4.0-0).

The history :
Three days ago i saw many updates of /e/ (since 2021) notifications in a same time. I install the last one but the install fail and I can’t connect my phone with my PC (not a driver issue in the PC I Try with an another phone and that’s ok).
TWRP give the information of rypted issue. I saw this issue could be resolve by formatting the phone. But after that I only have the TWRP logo. If I press vol+, vol- and start button I can see Galaxy 7 logo and after the TWRP logo.

Do you how to upload a new boot ?
What can I do ?

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Hi @Ghisbar,

As far as i remember TWRP 3.4 was alway buggy, better is to use 3.3 or 3.5 or 3.6 or 3.7

For an upgrade from Q to R (without dataloss) you had to install first e-1.19.1-q, and then e-1.20-r.

But as you now have already formated /data partition, the way to recover your phone working should be flashing latest TWRP (or recovery-e) and then directly install e-1.20-r

Hello piero,
Thanks for your answer.

Ok to flash the latest TWRP but I can’t connect my phone and my PC.
It’s not a PC driver issue, a cable issue because I can do that with an other samsung phone (S5 mini).
Is there any way with the sd card ?

Please can you say the outcome of this earlier suggestion or where did you get stuck?

Broken usb connexion Samsung S7 after upgrade (Herolte) - #2 by aibd

IF TWRP is ok, there is another way to apply the upgrade. Check the ability of TWRP > INSTALL to navigate say to the root of SD card. You can download the /e/OS ROM to root of SD card (SD card in a reader attached to PC) and then install from there.

Quote edited for “SD card preferred”.

Hello aibd,

TWRP is not ok. It’s stuck to the logo.
When my phone is not connected (power or PC) = black screen
When my phone is connected, first the logo of Galaxy S7, after black screen and after TWRP logo.
If then I press vol+, vol- and start I have the logo of Galaxy S7, black screen and TWRP logo.

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It is very hard to brick a Samsung! If you are using Windows then Odin [1] will be available.

Does Odin see the device ?

If yes, TWRP for your device is available as for instance twrp-3.6.1_9-0-herolte.img.tar. The .tar file extension allows this to be flashed with Odin. There is a guide here [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily – See 6) Install TWRP

[1] Reference

Sorry I could have not understand very well your proposal but like It’s not possible to have connection between PC and Phone how Odin can make connection to the phone. Does it have its own drivers ?

I think it is worth testing.

Odin is recognised to be a “leaked” Samsung tool, perhaps rather at Engineer level rather than User level.

As I understand it Odin does a more fundamental contact with the phone than Android Debug Bridge. Hence it is the tool used to revert a Samsung to Stock ROM.

Of course I may still be misinterpreting “broken USB connection”. This maybe a pure hardware issue and require a replacement USB module, quite inexpensive, but of course requires some disassembly. What was the last thing that happened before you observed broken USB?

Can you boot the device in download mode ?

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I test Odin but nothing.

I think I broken USB link when I format the phone. So I don’t think It’s a module issue.

I don’t know the actual mode of the phone.
The only thing I can do is connect/disconnect usb cable and press buttons vol+, vol- and start to restart the phone (logo Galaxy S7 and logo TWRP after).

Download mode is required to reach the phone with Heimdall or Odin.

What does happen when you:

With the device powered off - hold Volume Down + Home + Power


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I can have the Download mode.
I start Odin in admin and have connection (COM4) when I press vol+ on phone.
(Odin has its own driver ! your wright that’s worth testing)
In Odin Options I have only F. Reset Time
I press Start and have “PASS!” result after few seconds.

I have to manually reboot the device by pressing the main button, the power button and the volume down button. As soon as the screen turns off, I move my finger from the volume down button to the volume up button (while continuing to press on the other buttons) in order to enter into TWRP.

I can now see the TWRP logo with the new version (3.7.0_9-1) but always unknown device for PC and stuck on the splash screen (no welcome screen)

I can’t see the TWRP menu, I’m stuck on the logo screen again.
On this logo sceen I can see the new version number

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You can try to flash the recovery-e

If it also don’t work
I propose to reinstall stock SamsungOS, then TWRP (or recovery-e)

Here you can find SamsungOS for the SM-G930F.
do you know the CSC code for a “free of carrier” version relative to your country ?

Just for clarity, how do you get “unknown device”?

Probably worth one more try with TWRP twrp-3.6.1_9-0

@Ghisbar, am I assuming that you were on a stable build? Be aware to either stay on stable, or change to dev, but e-recovery should probably match your ROM.

Ok I try recovery-e and possibly TWRP twrp-3.6.1_9-0 (@aibd).
What is the CSC code ?

Samsung release different variant of their OS for each client branch, they sell their product to many carriers in many countries, and to many independants recellers in many countries.
So the release is fractionned in 4 parts

BL : bootloader relative partitions
AP : system relative partitions (mostly android and generic apps)
CP : radio-modem relative partitions
CSC : country/carrier relative partitions (country and carriers specific apps + APN)

  1. Open CSC: This is the standard code used on most international versions of Samsung devices. It includes all firmware and carrier-specific features regardless of region.
  2. Carrier CSC: This code is specific to a particular carrier or network operator. It includes carrier-specific features such as branding, apps, and networks.
  3. Country CSC: This code is specific to a particular country or region. It includes country-specific features such as language support and regional settings.
  4. OEM CSC: This code is specific to a particular manufacturer or distributor. It includes OEM-specific features such as boot animations and wallpapers.
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Thank you for your answer.

@aibd : unknown device arrives when I connect the phone to the PC

I can’t test more until monday, have a nice weekend.

Yes but with what command? Or is it a generic Windows response?