Samsung S7 stuck in boot after changing screen

My dear old Samsung Galaxy S7 got a new screen yesterday. It worked before, although the screen became more and more invisible to the point that I could not shut it down. Very weird problem this, how could screen change mess it up?

After screen change the phone is stuck in boot. Now I manage to make it start up to Recovery. From there I have the options: Reboot system now, Apply update, Factory reset and Advanced.
I tried Factory reset, nothing happens. Also tried Factory reset, to no avail.

Under Advanced I have the options: Reboot to bootloader, Reboot to recovery, Mount / System, View recovery logs, Enable ADB, Power off.
Here I have tried Reboot to recovery.

Anyone have a clue what to do? I am just a normal guy with very little phone tech knowledge, just want to have my /e/OS phone…

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You have deleted all your apps and personalisation.

I thought flashing the boot.img could be suffisant, but as you have reseted the phone, a system install is simplier.

So download latest build for the s7
And install it from recovery

I tried different things before Factory Reset. I just kept on showing the bouncing e symbol, until it said “unable” something. Then later I tried Factory Reset.

If I have to install the OS from scratch again, I will probably give up. Last time I spent 3 days trying and failed, so I found a guy who managed to do it for me.

I am curious what may have happened to it. Can changing screen actually damage it this way? Or may it have been because I could not turn it off (because of blank screen) and something happened during this time (it was on for a couple of days, without a SIM).

From recovery, not from scratch !

Thanks Piero, but you see, I am a total novice (just a normal guy with no special interest in smartphones).
ADB sideload method, from what I can tell that means copying files on to a SD card and trying to run it from there in recovery mode. I tried it, downloaded recovery-e onto SD card. Trying Choose from sdcard1 but can not find the file.

recovery-e can not install recovery-e.img,
But :
recovery-e can install

Yes, I am trying that now and something is happening! “Patching system image unconditionally” it says now… The suspense is heartthrobbing!

No, it didn’t work. Screen went black. Either battery ran out or something else. Starting up again, back to the “bouncing e screen”.
New try, yes this time it worked, “Install completed with status 0”. Though, I don’t know what to do next, still at the recovery screen. Trying “reboot system now”.

Just some things: is the screen you bought/fitted original? Non-original screens may cause a lot of problems if on custom ROMS (as /e/ OS is). I had at a point an Oneplus 3T with a second version of screen used by Oneplus and on /e/ OS T sometimes was working sometimes not (not turning on on button press). I ended up putting the original ROM (where 0 issues) and sold the phone. /E/ OS was making problems with an original screen (different version)… if on a non-original screen problems could be much worse.
I suspect you have a non-original screen fitted (an original would be more expensive than a very good S7 would worth).

Interesting, I suspected something like that. I doubt it is an original screen, but not sure. I had it done in a repair shop. It still costed 180 euro, took a chance, guess it was a bad bet.

Trying to boot again but stuck again on the “bouncing e” screen, on which it stays for approx 20 mins and then goes to Recovery screen.

Wow… 180 Euro… might still be an original screen but not sure.
A mint S7 is max 100 Euros.
I recently bought a S9+ with slightly cracked glass from the original owner for under 70 Euros…

I gave up on it. Was hoping it would run with the new glass, could never have imagined changing glass/screen would mess up the operating system.
Instead bought a refurbished Galaxy A5 with /e/OS from a guy on ebay (store name degoogled) for 125 euro.

I had the same problem. I deleted the whole system by accident on my Samsung S7. The last thing you can try is to plug your phone on a computer with adb running on it, boot your phone on recovery, enable adb, then click on apply update via adb(in the phone recovery), then use the command in the adb console of your computer to send a package via your phone.
To do that:

On Machine

  1. Run the following command:

adb devices

  1. Check that your device shows up with sideload next to its name.
  2. Run the following command:

adb sideload <>

Where <> is the name of the OTA image you downloaded/ the path. You can find the /e/OS package that fit for your phone on the murena site if I remember well. You Download it before, of course.

Normally, the phone shows waiting for device and if everything works well, when you will run the 2nd command, it will start downloading. Make sure to use the correct cable. Good luck !!

Thanks for your help.
I will think about doing that, last time I tried to install on this phone it took me three days and I still couldn’t do it, so I am doubtful that it would work this time.

Well, you know, I was as disappointed as you when I understood I deleted the system. I was ready to give up, but as I didn’t want to leave without trying something by myself, i did that and I’m currently answering you from my marvellous Samsung s7 :blush: If you consider buying a new phone, you might want to try that before.
Have a nice day !
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Thanks VinK3645 for you encouraging words. I should try it, but on the other hand I am not technically knowledgeable, actually “running commands”, adb and all that, I hardly know what it means, so it would be challenging and most probably will fail. Last time I tried to install to my S7 it was a total nightmare, I spent three working days on it, getting more and more irritated, until I gave up. It was frustrating as hell. Later a guy in Switzerland helped me (I sent it there) and he managed to install /e/OS on it. Although after that ordeal I kind of hated that mobile, when I got it back I loved /e/, I was so happy with it. I recommend degoogled phones to everyone. However the tech side is a huge hurdle for ‘normal’ people. As tempting as it is to try your fix, I am afraid to get stuck in frustration for three days again. Also, I don’t actually know what adb is or any of that, and I run a Linux computer so doing things from Windows is another challenge…

Well, you know I’m passionate about IT, and with my experience, I can tell you that 3 days is the normal time I take to achieve something. I know that it’s frustrating, and I can even talk better about that because I failed recently recycling a surface pro… The goal of this community is to help you step by step. I’m ready to explain you everything in details, but you will do these steps so I can’t chose for you. About running command and everything, I swear you won’t have to run long and complicated commands. If I managed to do that, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it.
Anyway, you’re free to feel it bad, and no one will complain about that, it’s good to know his limits !

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@JeppeW, I am sure you are abble to

  1. click on links for download
  2. copy/past some short text

VinK3645 and piero, you are nice to try to help me.
Actually I already bought a new phone, I was considering what to do with the old one, was going to throw it away. But if you want and have time to guide me a little, I will try to rescue the old phone. It could be a challenge, most for fun (and because it is good to have a backup phone IF the rescue would be successful). No pressure for you guys, only if you think it is interesting.

piero, what do you mean in that last message?

@VinK3645 propose to guide you by steps, i suppose he will share links to follow, and commands to copy/paste…

my contribution : go direct to (8) or (9)

Don’t give up on the phone… it would be a pity after spending so much money on the repair.
But did you change the screen or the glass? Changing only the (protecting) glass has no effect on the phone.
Where are you from JeppeW? Maybe someone from around where you live could help you.
Piero is good with helping…
I’m using only Linux on my laptops… if you are able to use the terminal for sure you’ll be able to rescue the phone.
You could consider using remote control from someone knowledgeable. A webcam for the phone and remote control of the laptop could help you.