Samsung s8 severe battery drain - charging stuck at 27%

Installed /e/ os on samung s8 (model: SM-G950F).
Really liked e os and its focus on privacy.

Worked fine for couple of days when i started having battery problems:
Battery is draining @ 1% per 1min while doing a whatsapp call or playing youtube video on default browser or bromite. Device is heating up. And charging is stuck at 27%. But when i switch it off and charge, it charges fine till 100%.

Hope this can be resolved. Would be a shame to go back to stock rom.

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Indeed it’s not normal.

I would try to let the battery die, charge it completely and see.

I would also cut every source of battery drain. You could see which apps are using the run in background and boot up permissions thanks to this method.
If you are connected to a /e/ account, try to disable some synchronisation to limit data transfer.
Cut bluetooth, wifi, LTE, NFC, vibration on touch or whatever you don’t use.

If nothing works, before going back to the stock ROM, reset your device. Maybe some magic will occur :crossed_fingers:

Or it’s just a battery issue and you have to change it.

Issue Identified

Hello @Anonyme , thanks for the suggestions.
I tried everything u said, including resettting the phone, but the battery drain and heating up continued.

Tried going back to samsung stock rom (unofficial ofcourse) using ODIN tool, but my phone’s bootloader wont accept installing older firmware android 8.0 oreo. Unfortunately stock rom is not available with android 9 pie.

Nowhere to go, i installed lineage os 16 but not difference in battery drain. Then i remembered something. On /e/ os and lineageos 16 , my s8 device was blazingly fast compared to the earlier stock rom. Basically i had a ‘device performance’ feature in stock rom which slows the performance to get better battery life, it was set to low performance, which is why the battery lasted.

Then i installed Lineage os 17.1 (with android 10) which has the ‘Device performance profiles’ feature with three options ‘power save’, ‘balanced’ & ‘performance’ . I set the mode to ‘power save’ and the battery is functioning normal like before, no more drain or heating up. Everything works perfect and i dont see any visible speed difference in daily tasks. Is this feature available on /e/ os? I dont remember seeing it. Would be great if it is available, i will immediately switch back.

This feature is available in /e/OS but not implemented on all phones (why I don’t know, technical reasons I guess).

On the S7 (Nougat) and Fairphone 3 (Pie), I can choose the performance profile.
On my J5 2015 (Pie), this option doesn’t exist.

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