Samsung S9+ crash full device memory restart

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64 GB with e.os. Android 13 [e-1.18-t-20231210360971-dev-star2lte

I was making Full HD videos a few minutes ago and when the memory of device became full the e.os system crashed.
And then I see this message in Recovery: Your system has crashed. TRY rebooting the system again or you may need to reset to factory settings.
(Can’t load Android system. Your date may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory reset an erase all user date stored on this device.

I click Restart again and I can get to the point where I enter the PIN code and launch the launcher for a few seconds (I use the Final Interface launcher)

And after 3-5 seconds the phone automatically reboots to the same Recovery page.

I understand that my phone needs a little more memory and some disk space on the device for to start normally, but it has become insufficient and the reason for this is the recording of the last video.
I think my device memory is full.

The question is HOW can I log into my phone for to clear a little bit device memory via Windows computer and USB cable? May be I can to do something from Recovery?
I dont wonna do the factory reset cause everything was 0k and I have some important docs on my device.

Please help me if you have some good or better idea.
Thank you!

Nobody knows how to clean device memory via for ex. adb?

A forum search finds these which may be of some help to you ?