Samsung SM-J530F

Hi, Just want to know if /e/ can be installed onto a Galaxy J5 SM-J530F.
its not showing on the Device List.

Hi @Biff if the /e/ ROM for your device is not in the supported device list then it cannot be installed. Since you have raised a request for the device it will get an official ROM if more users request this device.

Thanks for fast reply, very much appreciated.

It would be nice to have support for the Samsung Galaxy J5(2017), also called Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro or Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual Sim.
The model number is SM-J530F.

Hi! I make a request for the J5 SM-J530F to give it a new life. thank you in advance.

+1 for the Samsung Galaxy J5, SM-J530F please! Thanks in advance.