Samsung SM-J530F

Hi, Just want to know if /e/ can be installed onto a Galaxy J5 SM-J530F.
its not showing on the Device List.


Hi @Biff if the /e/ ROM for your device is not in the supported device list then it cannot be installed. Since you have raised a request for the device it will get an official ROM if more users request this device.

Thanks for fast reply, very much appreciated.

It would be nice to have support for the Samsung Galaxy J5(2017), also called Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro or Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual Sim.
The model number is SM-J530F.

Hi! I make a request for the J5 SM-J530F to give it a new life. thank you in advance.

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+1 for the Samsung Galaxy J5, SM-J530F please! Thanks in advance.

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Hello /e/! I also make a request for the J5 SM-J530F, so i could offer my daughter an ungoogled phone. Thanks in advance.

Hi Manoj,
Yet another request for supporting to the SM-J530F among the Samsung J5 devices.
Thanks in advance !
Len Po

+1 for the Samsung Galaxy J5, SM-J530F
please! Many thanks in advance.

Dear @Manoj, count me in for the SM-J530F, because I want to equip my wife with /e/ as well and her phone is bugging, maybe dying.

Me too. I have the SM-J530F.

Me too :wink:
Thanks a lot!
I have one device for testing - so if i can help to get this running, just say, what i should do…

+1 for the Samsung Galaxy J5, SM-J530F ! Many thanks!

+1 for J5 SM-J530F. Have been looking for degoogling my phone for a really long time

+1 for Galaxy J5 SM-J530F, tired of google and samsung…
Thanks in advance!

+1 for Galaxy J5 SM-J530F.
Thanks in advance!

Dear @Manoj, just wondering if there is anything in particular we could help with to make support for this device a reality sooner rather than later? A small fee or help with testing comes to mind. I could offer both if interested? Best wishes, m

The best way would be to have some build an unofficial ROM for the device - in /e/ Pie code - test that out and share the feedback. @Anonyme is listing the best options to port or upgrade to Pie and later Q. The devices with the best feedback are the top contenders.

Hi, actually @julek already made an unofficial build for j5y17lte but didn’t release it yet.

I just need to know how to figure out having a /e/OS ID. (EDIT : okay found it but the server is under maintenance mode)

Until then I created a small script that makes it much easier to build this by yourself :

Usage : -b v0.9-oreo -d j5y17lte

Having a second person who manages to build the image using this script would greatly help me since it would prove that my build is not just “it works at my home” phenomenon.

PS : the image is completely untested. This is because it is my main phone right now and I cannot afford bricking it. So if some among you can afford this it would be great. I plan to buy the /e/OS S7 later on when I have a bit more money to dedicate my current J5 to science - anyway the device does not appear to be supported by Samsung anymore.

Here’s a TWRP image for the phone :

PPS : right know the build only exists for Oreo while this phone supports also Pie - this is because there are no official LineageOS sources for this phone. If the Oreo image proves to work I will start working on a Pie image as well, no guarantee of course. I found plenty of interesting resources with Pie on this phone notably from Exynos7870 repo.