app not working

The app (German mobile number with 100 free minutes per month) from the /e/ appstore is not fully opening. I think it needs a Google account, so one was set up and put into MicroG. Still the app is not working. Anyone having similar issues or a solution to this? thanks!!!

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According this post it is not possible

Q: Do you expect the Android Verison to support LineageOS or to do without Google APIs?

A: Not at the moment. Without the Google Stack the app is currently not usable. I don’t want to rule out the possibility that we will detach ourselves from the Google Stack at some point, but at this point in time that is very unlikely.

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Well most Android apps work on LineageOS even if they don’t support it explicitly and having microG isn’t the same as “without Google API”. It would be good to find precisely what it needs and it doesn’t get.

I used the app successfully for a month+, got notified of incoming calls, didn’t encounter any non working components

It didnt work for me when i was on Android 9, but seems to work with e on Android 10… I can login and receive notifications, just havent tried calls yet.
I have NOT setup a google account in microg, but i have enabled device registration and Cloud Messaging.

when I was replying 4 weeks ago that everything seems to work I was on a smartphone with 64bit arch (for App usage, not the install itself).

Since then I reverted to an older device that is built for armeabi-v7a 32bit binaries.

The /e/ App store claims to have a universal apk available for those devices, but the downloadable file can’t be found (404 http status), so the App store never goes beyond the install button → this is what you meant by writing “… [it] is not fully opening”?

The app from the /e/ appstore is not fully opening

W DownloadManager: [44] Stop requested with status 404: Unhandled HTTP response: 404 Not Found

I wrote to on Sept 10th then, but this didn’t get picked up yet. So using Aurora probably can make this work for you?