Scanning QR-codes with banking apps not working?

Hi guys,

After 2 months now i have my Asus Zenfone 8 back with e/OS installed on it, and also upgraded tot eOS 1.10!


It wouldn´t be eOS or it looks that i have a new issue.
Wich banking app i use, the QR scanning is not working at my phone.
My other phone the gigaset GS290 didn´t have this problem.

If I hold my phone in front of the QR code, it also becomes very blurry on my phone.

This has nothing to do with my QR scanner app but it really only happens in my banking apps when I want to pay with IDEAL

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There were mentions of something like this a while back, the search should have something …

(I don’t use any banking on my phone, so I didn’t follow things closely.)

The ASN Bank App (The Netherlands) and Digid App on my Fairphone 4 cannot scan QR-codes on e/OS 1.10. The standalone QR-scanner app does work. After recent update to e/OS 1.11 they both still do not work.

It is using the MLKit SDK of Google Play Services that is not implemented in microG yet.

I have updated my Zenfone 8 to 1.11 but i have still this issue.
The stand-alone QR scanner does work, but when i make a payment with ideal, it will not scan the QR-code. The strange thing is that i can login with scanning the QR code on ABN-Amro, but on the payment it will not work.

But on the Triodos app everything is working as well. (activated the app manually by Identifier)

I still cannot use the QR code with IDEAL on the KNAB Banking app and maybe also for the ABN Amro App. On this moment i must send a payment to my other bank account Triodos and their i can scan the QR-code.

Since updating to 1.17 on my Motorola edge 30, the QR code scanning in the digid app is working without a problem for me. It wasn´t doing anything in 1.16.
Anyone else noticing this behaviour?

Further, QR code scanning in the ASN banking app (consumer editon) works fine, althoug I didn´t test it for a while. But it was not functioning some /e/ versions ago.

Maybe light at the end of the QR tunnel?

This is a known issue.

The problem seems tot be related to the use of the MLKit API (cf. ) where a coded check on the usage of Google Play Services is built-in.

DigiD had altered their app tot bypass this. Triodos does not understand the issue.

For the record, I’ve encountered this problem with two apps on my Fairphone 5 running /e/os:

  • A banking security app called HID Approve (only needed to set up, and alternative to QR code scanning supplied. Probably on the original 1.15 the phone was shipped with.)

  • Sainsburys supermarket (UK) self-scan app (continues to not work, on current 1.17). Actually managed one or two product barcode scans on at least one occasion, but I couldn’t work out what made it work; and the QR code at the checkout definitely does not work.

I guess from looking around the forum that this is something to do with the API choices in the app. I use another supermarket self-scan app (Waitrose) and that works extremely well (very fast).

It would be good if this all worked :grinning:

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I learned today that e.os is also trying to solve this:


@voorstad as @MRTN in the dutch language thread noticed, this work came to fruition - Triodos Bank app - #35 by MRTN

It was very much sought after, quite the belated end of year present by microG/marvin, maybe /e/ funding.

Mind, the linked commit in the thread implements the qrcode/barcode scanning of both mlkit and older vision api, not face recognition that some banking apps (Tridos itself?) require.

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It’s great that they’re trying to solve this problem. However, can someone answer my next question: There are more apps than just banking apps that have this problem. Is this going to solve those problems with the other apps as well?
I just got my brand new FP5 and installed /e/os 1.18 on it and the non-functioning of the QR code scanner in the various apps is terribly annoying!