Screen lock & fingerprint - did I read they shouldn't be used?

Hello. Quick question (hopefully). Did I read somewhere on this forum that the screen lock and/or fingerprint should not be used? I am just getting to know /e/ OS now, and I want to make sure I heed that warning, if it was real.

Thank you!

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You can use them. I’ve never heard anything to say not to!

… quite correct, but this Search might indicate where you read incorrectly! :slight_smile:

I think this is only important for the OTA upgrade of the Galaxy S9. So just in a very specific case.

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Well spotted @Ludix . This is relevant for @buzzears whom I believe has a samsung s9.

@buzzears You can follow the progress of the development for OTA android version upgrades for the S9 in the weekly bulletins

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Hello everyone. Busy day today, so just replying now. Yes, I am running an s9, I wish I had thought to mention that in the first place (sorry). Thank you very much for your responses, and I will have a look at the Development and Testing Updates as soon as I can.