Screenshots of factory install?

Hi I’ve been using e/OS for a while now, and I’m write a blog entry encouraging others, and comparing /e/ to some of the other ROMs like lineageOS, CalyxOS, etc. Is there anyone who has a newly flashed device who can send me a screenshot of the app drawer and of the home pages so I can include those images in the blog entry? thanks!

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To clarify: Which OS(es) do you need screenshots from?

“Factory install” makes it sound like you mean the stock OS from a phone vendor, in which case there are a lot of different looks on a lot of different phones.

But you want to compare so-called custom ROMs, so you mean screenshots from newly installed /e/OS, LineageOS, CalyxOS etc.?
Did you have a look whether such projects have the screenshots you want already online, something like Meet the Bliss Launcher -/e/OS’ default launcher perhaps?

Here’s a nice feature comparison table, by the way …

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Thanks for posting that link. I’ve raised an issue there asking the maintainer to reinstate information about LineageOS for microG (which got removed recently after LOS added support for signature spoofing)