Sd card format unable to write with file manager app

Hello everybody.
I post a problem that I found with my old android phone and now with my new phone (Samsung S7 Edge with /e/)
Is just when I format my SD card. I am just unable to use another filer manager app than default manager app for write on the SD card.

For example, I like use ghost commander app but with this problem I can’t do anything on the SD card. Create a new folder or delete something. Nothing works. That so boring.

Someone has an idea that what’s happened?
Thanks for your answer

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I have no experience with your phone, but on my FP3, I had to format my SD card as external (ie. removable) memory before I could get things like ghost commander to work.

My FP3 formatted my 64GB SD card using the stock file manager (Files) without any problems.

I can use Files or TotalCommander or other apps like Open Camera for writing. Some apps need to be enabled for writing on the SD card. This option has sometimes crude names like “Use Storage Access Framework”.

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Thanks for your answers.
“Use Storage Access Framework” was indeed the problem. Ghost commander works well now. :slight_smile:
I forgot every time this option when I get a new phone because it is not on OS setting.
It’s some reflex to have with the app when we use an SD card as external. I will remember that. Thanks again.

It was easiest with the first android system. It’s the problem to get a good balance between security and simplicity.

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Yes, and it’s indeed idiotic. Who needs this option? And for what? What is really better when it’s off by default?

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I totally agree with you

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I had completely forgotten I had had to do this before Ghost Commander worked. It’s crazy that it has to be done.