Sdcard issue - internal storage errors - external storage always on notifications

Hi all,
With my FP2 using last version of /e/ (0.22-20220228, Android 10), I’ve got a blocking issue using additional sdcard.
I tested several sdcard (8GB, 32GB).
when trying to take into account those sd cards as internal storage, I’ve got those logcat messages:
I Cryptfs : Creating crypto dev “private:179,66”; cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha256, keysize=16, real_dev=/dev/block/vold/private:179,66, len=1955577344, params=“1 allow_discards”
E Cryptfs : Cannot remove dm-crypt device private:179,66: No such device or address
E vold : private:179,66 failed to read metadata
E StorageManagerService: android.os.ServiceSpecificException: (code -5)
E StorageSettings: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String’ on a null object reference

If I configure SDCard as an external storage, I’ve no error but the notification message saying ‘tranfer photos and files’ is always on…

any help to solve any of those issues or to precise the current situation/limitation is welcome


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Using SD card as “Internal storage” seems to give various problems, depending on device. Fairphone users seem to have this issue.

Use of as SD card as “Internal storage” is not recommended.

Rather than try to solve it … perhaps just avoid using an SD card as “Internal storage” – when used as “External storage” a correctly formatted SD card will probably work.

If you try that, then we try to study the “Notification issue” ?

The notification thing has been a long-standing one. My old AOSP ROMs were stuck with it but there were tools (Xposed) to deal with it. With LineageOS it was better because you could deal with it by long-pressing the notification, selecting “More settings” and slide the Importance to the left. I think that “A” in a circle denotes Auto handling. Might have to select it first to be able to move the slider. This would put the notification icon in the shade, removing it from the status bar (example was from Nougat).

From Oreo on all ROMs have the ability to change the importance of most notifications. Long-press the notification, tap on the gear icon shown in the upper right. A window will open and that particular channel(?) will flash a couple of times. Tap on it and you should see a Minimize toggle. Toggle it off for the icon to leave the status bar and move to the shade.

I think/hope I described that properly.

Hi @aibd

I have a similar issue when trying to use a microsd card to expand internal storage with my Teracube 2e.

I can confirm that everything is fine when using the card as “mobile storage”. Thanks for the hint, it won’t make much of a difference for me as long as the card is usable.