Second Space Feature

If privacy and security is /e/ ’ s concern, there should be Second Space Feature (to my knowledge, it is in MIUI)

Thanks in advance

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What is the “Second Space” feature?

Is it any different from setting up a ‘Work’ profile using Shelter?

See for example:

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Never heart about a Second Space Feature.

Tried it once when my Xiaomi was running stock ROM, it’s definitively a Shelter-like feature.
For the reference :

second or more users are available in Android / eOS. And shelter is a second user inside main user account

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if second or more users are the same as Second Space then its Ok.

But creating Work profile under Shelter needs to install and do several steps than built in readymade Second Space feature. No ??

Not sure but apparently, yes.

is it the same if i use Second User in /e/ or I use Shelter ?

I really don’t know, because I never have tested it on MiUI

But is data from the second, third etc users kept separated from data of the main user? If so, why would we need to use Shelter?

As far as I know, the main user have access to data of second user, but second user or guest dorsn’t have access to main user. So yes, you could use second user or guest user in same way as shelter. But it’s not so comfortable because you always have to switch users

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Interesting, thanks for sharing link.

As I understand, Second Space seems to be a ‘second user’ like profile with more separate files, or a persistent ‘guest’. Short, ‘Second Space’ seems to be ‘a fork’ with its own features.

Work profile by Shelter (or Island) has a different goal : run sandboxed apps, i.e. block them to prevent background data’s catching. Work profile user is the main user. I’ll probably try to set a second user (android like) on my sheltered device…

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No, sorry, wrong. Work profile user is the shelter ‘user’.

Yes, you’re right.

Shelter user ‘locates’ in main profile (doesn’t need to switch to another account, just launch Shelter)…

(explanations are easiest in French, for me, sorry)

The second space cant be a Second User as it is only Second space not Third Space. But there can be second user, third user…
I m not a tech guy but this discussion can bear fruit for a kind of security.
Or /e/ should add shelter as a system app.

What is the best?
Second User or use of Shelter or Second space ??

I really do not know, because I’d never test all… I use Shelter since a few month.

Can anyone tell, which is better:

Second user or Second Space or Shelter ??