Security Error (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wifi)

I cant seem to install magisk nor /e/ os custom VBMETA (that was provided with the OS build) It isnt even in kg: prenormal when I installed custom vbmeta. And i keep getting this error no matter what i do.
“Security Error”
“This phone has been flashed with unauthorized software and is locked. Call your mobile operator for additional support. Please note that repair/return for this issue may have additional cost.”

(red text and black) Only official binaries are allowed to be flashed (vbmeta)

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Hi @kevin7711 welcome to the /e/ Forum.

I guess you are aware that this is very much associated with RMM or KG Prenormal. The Odin Mode screen on a “newer device” may not display the status of KG or RMM State Prenormal. [1]

Just checking we are talking about the 2020 tablet

Two results to share from searching

Some YouTube videos also came up in the search.

In my brief reading it looks as if Odin flash of Stock ROM might be called for.

You are booting into Download mode OK – neither the device nor install page really describe the way that connection of the USB Power seems to work as a trigger.

[1] Know your hardware - Samsung #KG or RMM State Prenormal. (Your two errors are not yet specifically covered there.)

which stock Android firmware is installed?

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The firmware is T500XXS7CXB1. (BIT 7) @Xxpsilon

it is impossible to install /e/OS-T with this firmware 500XXS7CXB1! See my experience here

On the other hand, installing with LineageOS 21.0, LineageOS21.0-for-microG and iodéOS 5.1 works perfectly. These three CustomROMs are based on AOSP 14 (Android 14 'U’pside Down Cake)