Seedvault and Murenacloud

I successfully use Seedvault for backup on SD card, but it doesnt give me the option to do so on Nextcloud.
To be more precise, I see the option in the list, but its grey and I cannot click on it (I am logged in to my Murena/Nextcloud account).
Any ideas how to make it work?

install the regular nextcloud client

I already have, must be something else…
Does it work for you?

Nextcloud option was not greyed for me and worked (connected to /e/ account in the account manager)

I just saw I wrote it not completely clear: the option of nextcloud is available, but when I choose it and press the 3 dot menu the option of “backup now” is not clickable and under last backup it says never.
Any idea whats the issue?

And a different question:
Is it possible to save backups of two different e devices on the nextcloud, or just one at a time?

It gets even more interesting!
I found a hidden folder on the Nextcloud that seems to be my Seedvault backup folder and there is even something in it (though the phone said it never backed up to this option).
Now I am trying to use this to restore a backup on a another phone (same type and same e v1.6 r).
Seedvault says there is either no data to restore or a storage error during installation… Any ideas here?

And again the question:
Is it possible to store backups for different devices on one Nextcloud?

Edit: the backup files are not ok, some of them have 0 b, the biggest one 23 kb. Cant be enough by far.
Whats needed for a proper backup on Nextcloud?
I think that would be one major selling point if e wants to have some notable market share…

In theory it’s just a subfolder, so multi-device shouldn’t be hard to implement if missing.

Seedvault is coming along, but it’s a dormant topic for /e/ atm and the bundled+hidden apk is getting old - I’m repeating myself for sure in this forum when I say it’s going to be interesting with version Android13 and the fake-d2d (device2device) option. Until then it’s incomplete (but still helpful).

SeedVault creates those folders when you first select NextCloud as your backup location. But they don’t get fully populated until the first successful backup. I never got past that stage to find out what happens next :slight_smile:

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Somehow good to read the (from my perspective) pros have their issues as well :slight_smile:

I would be very grateful for any help:
As a user of eOS, how can I enable SeedVault and make backups of the operating system?
I have the Fairphone 3 with eOS version 1.6-r 20221129238947-stable-FP3.
I have found a workable solution for backing up the data as well as the setting for most apps. But backing up an unrooted Android operating system has long been an unsolved problem for me.
Supposedly SeedVault is integrated into eOS - as it is in Lineage OS, since eOS is a fork of Lineage OS.
I can’t get to grips with the information in GitHub, for the most part I don’t have the necessary knowledge.

Can anyone here give me instructions on how to make SeedVault visible in eOS and enable it for a backup?
A backup to a local medium (e.g. memory card) would be sufficient for me.

I wrote this some time ago, still applies I think - [HOWTO] use Seedvault early to understand Android backup - I used it to backup apks and “some” settings. It’s a long thread

Thank you very much for your advice and I hope to be able to deal with it soon after being sick for a while.