SeedVault backup to ecloud

Hi, I’ve been trying to set up backup of my phone (texts and stuff, plus setup of some apps) using SeedVault. It seems to work fine with backups local on the phone, but the main idea was in case of losing it or a complete failure.

Thus, I tried to backup via NextCloud to my ecloud account. It seems to work, and it does upload some files, but after some time (not very long), it has a) uploaded just a few kilobytes, and b) it fails. Every time, although it’s possible it does get a little bit further along every time. Does anyone else see this?

Those SeedVault backups get pretty large. Is it possible you’re simply burning through all your eCloud space?
I noticed when I was backing up to my standard Nextcloud account, it would work for a few days, and then I’d get told that it had been several days since my last successful backup. My phone certainly LOOKED like it was going though the motions (and I nearly ran out of data that month so clearly something happened), but it seemed like SeedVault never ran very well after the first time.
Also, you should know that at present /e/ doesn’t give you the option to restore from backup during initial setup, and I found the ability to do so lackluster at best when I was running LineageOS w/ MicroG.

It doesn’t look like it, as it’s so far only managed to fill up the backup directory (.SeedVaultAndroidBackup) with a whopping 11KB.

This is, of course, rather interesting in itself. Perhaps I should just stick to make sure signal, SMS messages, Duo[0], etc is backup up in another fashion, and otherwise just restore the phone from scratch should something happen.

Thanks for the info.

[0] - Actually, I don’t think you can back up Duo credentials at all, but I do have a separate installation I’m also using for most places.

One of the things I like about /e/ is it encouraged me to find ways to get around not having access to Android proper’s services. Many open source apps (Aegis, Catima, AntennaPod, NewPipe, etc) allow for a backup of the apps data that can be made to Nextcloud and readily restored.
I’ve also taken to keeping my old phone up to date with all apps and /e/ updates so that if anything happens to my primary, being back up and running is a SIM card away. Only app I’ve had trouble with is my hunting and fishing license.

Yeah, I agree. I keep my old phone around, but it’s running stock android due to my need for a payment app that won’t run on /e/.

I don’t have many apps that really need to back up their data: SMS messages and Signal might be the only two, plus the authenticator app (Duo), but that seems harder (it has a backup-restore thing, but it depends on google drive or something, so I’ve opted for just having two installations).

If you have access to a computer running linux, have a look at a project called Android Backup and Restore Tools

I have had good success with it as described in this forum post


Excellent, thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check it out.

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