SELinux default settings on S8


is SELinux on S8 by default set to disabled, permissive or enforcing (using e-0.7-p-2020033047438-dev-dreamlte)? Reason is that I had a notification from trust coming up today warning that SELinux is disabled, but I had not checked upon installation time what the default was. So either it is trust now having checked the first time, or indeed some other things going on on this device.

I guess SELinux settings could only be changed by an app with root or similar privileges? Would such a change show in adb logcat?

Thanks for the info / support.

Hi, by default, Trust is set to warn you if SELinux is Disabled or Permissive.

On my Samsung Galaxy J5 2015, the second I entered in /e/OS for the first time I got that warning. I don’t know why it is Permissive and not Enforcing. (Even if in Trust it said SELinux is disabled, in fact it’s Permissive (Settings > About phone to check the real status))

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Are these official /e/ ROM’s? In my opinion /e/ should not release ROM’s with SELinux disabled.

The current S8 /e/ OS build e-0.8-p-2020041449619-dev-dreamlte is defaulted as: SELinux Disabled

Many thanks for the info.

That is the plan locked Bootloader + SELinux enforcing + encryption to be a part of /e/ ROM’s. This was the first step in that direction.


Thank you for explanations,
will TWRP work normally with a relocked bootloader, i mean will we easily can test images from different systems or will we have to unlock the bootloader each time ?

I guess you will have to unlock it. If not, there is no point to lock it.

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