Selling Gigaset GS290 with eOS 1.14 (2021)

I´am selling my old Gigaset GS290 (2021) with updated eOS to 1.14.

The phone is in a very good condition and a perfect beginners phone to test eOS without spending a lot of money and you don´t expect high end specifications for the camera. You can also use it as a second phone.

It will come with a fastcharger and cable.

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Will this phone model be updated to S or T ?

I don´t know.

When i buyed this phone i installed eOS bij myself with the Easy Installer with eOS Q Stable.
Now the phone is running eOS R with the lattest update to 1.14.
Itś a phone from 2021 but i don´t use it anymore since a year, because i have an Asus on this moment.

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Yes! /e/OS ‘S’ (stable) (Android 12) is in /e/ dev pipeline.


@anon29344687 thx, great info. I use gs290 myself and have a brand new black one for sale.
Is the stable version just the next upgrade v1.15?

Please note the terminology ‘Update’ and ‘Upgrade’!

Update means the update of the existing /e/OS version 1.14 to V1.15.

An Upgrade is a change from one product to a higher configuration or even a higher version. In this case: From existing /e/OS-R (Android 11) V1.14/1.15 to /e/OS-S (Android 12) V1.15.

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