Send Sms to Groups


I often have to message the same sms to specific groups. Therefor it would be great, if i could send sms more easyli to groups of contacts. I see two possibilities:

  • message-app: Conversations via sms to multiple contacts could be stored (even if the conversations would more likely be some monologue, because the answers would be received by single contacts if you don’t use the mms option “group-message”)
  • contacts-app:
  • you could group contacts under some group name. In this case there would have to be the option in message-app to decide to send to multiple numbers via checkboxes. Now you have to decide for one of the numbers of a contact with multiple numbers.
  • if you sort contacts, e.g. by organisation name, there could be the option “send message to” with checkboxes.

Or is there an possibility I oversaw?

Thanks a lot,
have a nice day,


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