Set USB to permanently enable data transfer

Hi - I’ve searched and found some info but I’m unclear about it. So, as I understand it the only way to set USB to permanently enable data transfer is to enter ‘development mode’ and do it from there. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to enable development mode. Also, the pop up that the phone is ‘charging via USB’ that gives access to the USB option to enable data transfer is not ‘popping up’ on my phone when I plug it in. So I’m currently stuck unable to use OpenMTP for getting FLAC files onto my phone.

But coming from your prior thread Adroid File Transfer no longer available what are people using? - what the debug mode would give you is the commandline way of pushing files. Not sure that is what you expect

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Hi tcecyk - I’ve enabled developer mode and that has allowed me to change the default USB setting to ‘allow data transfer’ which was exactly what I needed. Many thanks!

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However it’s still not working! When I run OpenMTP on the Mac it asks me to refresh but doesn’t find my phone. I’m still not getting the ‘charging via USB’ notification even though it is charging. Any ideas?

Did you try a different USB cable or a different USB port already?

Yes I did. I just got a message that ‘your phone storage is inaccessible’. Maybe I’ve messed up, but I don’t know how.