Setting Up Gmail on FairEmail

Hello I tried setting up my Gmail account on both Spark (Aurora Store) and FairEmail (F-Droid) in vain. The response is [AUTHENTICATION FAILED].

I did follow the steps. It’s very basic right?, enter username and password. Ports and SSL are set by default.

I have Tracker Control on. It thought this was the reason for blocking the server connection. I checked and allowed the app to connect to imap and

I even disabled Tracker Control for a moment to be sure, but nothing goes.

How can I get to my email? What’s causing this? Please help.

The reason why configuring IMAP and SMTP servers fails is oftenly a wrong SSL/TLS or password encryption setting which can be very confusing. The default values are often not good, which means it’s not what the server expects and supports. The servers can even be different from each other. Don’t know what the Google servers expect. Try to find a documentation about that.

In many cases people have also desktop applications or another mobile where all settings are correct.

I would not suspect TrackerControl. FairEmail is very clean.

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Thanks. Let me dig deeper then.

The standard practice of using your email and password doesn’t work when using Gmail with some third party clients as they don’t support the default authentication method (OAuth?). You’d have to create an app-specific password and use that.

Go to your Google account security settings to set one up. Hmm, I just realized I have 20 entries listed. :grimacing:

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Did you set up an app password for FairEmail in your Google Security Settings?

FairEmail cannot use your standard Google login so it needs to have an App login defined.
Set it up at


I had the same problem, this was due the OAUTH authorization mechanism of Google.

You have to download the APK directly from GITHUB if you want to use the google account to make the login, or
you have to allow the pop3 options in the Gmail account and activate the: “less secured applications” option:

From the FairMail Site:

(6) How can I login to Gmail / G suite?

If you use the Play store or GitHub version of FairEmail, you can use the quick setup wizard to easily setup a Gmail account and identity. The Gmail quick setup wizard is not available for third party builds, like the F-Droid build because Google approved the use of OAuth for official builds only.

If you don’t want to use or can’t use an on-device Google account, for example on recent Huawei devices, you can either enable access for “less secure apps” and use your account password (not advised) or enable two factor authentication and use an app specific password. To use a password you’ll need to set up an account and identity via the manual setup instead of via the quick setup wizard.

Important: sometimes Google issues this alert:

This Google security check is triggered more often with less secure apps enabled, less with an app password, and hardly when using an on-device account (OAuth).

Note that an app specific password is required when two factor authentication is enabled. After enabling two factor authentication there will be this error message:

App specific password

about how to generate an app specific password.

Enable “Less secure apps”

Important: using this method is not recommended because it is less reliable.

Important: Gsuite accounts authorized with a username/password will stop working [in the near future]

If you use multiple Gmail accounts, make sure you change the “less secure apps” setting of the right account(s).

Be aware that you need to leave the “less secure apps” settings screen by using the back arrow to apply the setting.

If you use this method, you should use a [strong password] for your Gmail account, which is a good idea anyway. Note that using the [standard] IMAP protocol in itself is not less secure.

When “less secure apps” is not enabled, you’ll get the error Authentication failed - invalid credentials for accounts (IMAP) and Username and Password not accepted for identities (SMTP).


You might get the alert “Please log in via your web browser”. This happens when Google considers the network that connects you to the internet (this could be a VPN) to be unsafe. This can be prevented by using the Gmail quick setup wizard or an app specific password.

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Thanks a lot. Google is like chewing gum under one’s shoes. Gosh.

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Less Secure Apps option seems to have been removed now, at least for me.

The developer maintains an in-depth support and faq page (in case you are not aware of it already): FairEmail/ at master · M66B/FairEmail · GitHub