/e/OS default mail app with Gmail

I see there have been a number of threads related to Google’s recent decision to cut POP3 and IMAP and only allow OAUTH for mail clients authentication, decision which basically blocks the /e/OS default mail app from connecting to a gmail mailbox (see threads’ links below).

Some people have reported that fairEmail might have been able to connect (reports not confirmed yet, and with no clarification if fairEmail can actually do OAUTH).

Does anybody know if there is a plan to add OAUTH capabilities to the /e/OS - embedded K9 mail client? I still need access to my gmail mailbox, but I’d rather not install the google mail app.

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I take it all back :slight_smile: - it seems for once, the developers have been even faster than we were hoping for: the K9 email client app coming with /e/ 1.2 (Q stable) does have OAUTH 2.0 capabilities now.

I was able to configure it to see my gmail mailbox.

Well done guys! :slight_smile:

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Were you able to get K9 to use the microG account or did you have to add the full google account thing?

Neither. Once you put a google.com email address, it redirects you to the accounts.google.com login page, which asks you to allow the K9 app access to emails (basically OAUTH2). Once that is done, you can access your emails via K9 - no need to add my google account to the phone or involve microG in the “transaction” at all.

Hope this makes sense.

Just for reference, my K9 build version reports as 6.201 (I’m using the default /e/ Mail app, on /e/ 1.2 stable)

Thanks for your reply!
I am running the same version of /e/ as you but when I enter my gmail.com email address it brings up the “Add an account” screen.

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I’m running Q stable. Not sure how many differences are between Q and other /e/ versions, or between the stable and the dev version of Q.

I’m running R which according to the release notes includes Mail 6.201 so presumably the same version, strange

Iam running Q stable too (LeEco S2). I could not import my gmail account. There is the error “Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch”

I installed K9 and gmail import worked immediately without any additional settings. So Iam wondering as the /e/-mail app is told to be based on K9

@Madde85 did you see this? Gmail account authentication error since update to 1.2 … /e/ Mail can lag some versions behind k9 or have other bugs. What was the /e/ version?