Several errors with Samsung Galaxy S7 incl. app crashes

Hello all,

I recently came across the e foundation os and installed it on a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F using easy installer. So far the installation was smooth. I was taken by the interface and the smooth operation. So far, I have found a suitable replacement for all Google apps. Except for a password manager with auto-fill. (I guess there must be something) This only seems to be possible with Keepass2Android with bugs. The following errors during operations still occur:

  • Crashes and Freezes in different Apps (from time to time)
  • Paypal does not work at all
  • The file app lettering has disappeared (even after reboot)
  • App icons are displayed incorrectly
  • When installing via AuroraStore there are error messages
    (sometimes it installs or not)

Even though my first experience with the OS is not the smoothest, I don’t want to write it off right away. One guess I have is that it may be due to the age of the smartphone and thus the software version supplied by the e foundation. Could that be?

Does anyone in the community have a guess as to what it may be? If I get a satisfactory result, I am considering switching to a Murena Fairphone 4. I am open for suggestions and tipps.

Greetings to everyone :slight_smile:

  • mopac

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Hi @mopac welcome to the /e/ forum.

I currently have two devices on /e/ which I think were earlier built than S7, I would not assume that as your main problem.

However it is very unfortunate that Samsung had a little hiccup in development at LineageOS (from which /e/ is forked) a while ago. This may in part be behind the serious lag in development of Info about Samsung Galaxy S7 - herolte. Worse, there is talk, in #development-updates, that this generation of Samsung may be dropped due to lack of an /e/ ROM maintainer; even though there are active ROM maintainers at Lineage. :frowning_face:

/e/ and microG take a bit of getting used to and one has to want the device to be as free as possible of Google even if all highly over-networked activities are not possible.

I like to only install trusted apps, in the first instance I check the εxodus report in Apps or App Lounge or just look up online.

A search for Paypal Search results for 'paypal' - /e/ community will give some clues.

File app lettering may be associated with your language, German has had some issues fixed for v1.0, coming very shortly; which language are you using?

For specific errors always check Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

If unresolved please do ask again with specifics. :slight_smile:

Getting Started on /e/OS

Hi @aibd,

thank you for the quick and comprehensive feedback. If the generation may no longer be supported, then I guess it makes sense to lean on another model. Do you have a recommendation on which smartphone offers the best /e/-xperience?

I actually only need microG for a few apps, as the FOSS alternatives are very good. Only for Google Maps there seems to be no replacement with the same functionality.

Exodus I did not know so far, but seems very useful to me. And that is already integrated to this extent in the App Lounge?

Regarding PayPal, I could have actually found entries. Thanks for that! This app is not so crucial.

My system language is German but unfortunately does not explain the error with the missing font under the icon. This was still visible at the beginning and then disappeared one day.


Well that one does require deeper searching (maybe more than one commit dealt with it), if you need to know, perhaps start from the mention in this issue. FP4 can't copy move or delete files with the default "Files" app (#5383) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

At first sight, @mopac, it looks like it is not as automated as it was in Apps, but a link to Exodus is provided in the info on an app when searched in App Lounge; under the heading Privacy analyses. One seems to have to do the look up yourself, rather than automated – perhaps someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you very much for your help. I will reset the system and try again. The suitability for everyday use must first be confirmed for me before I finally change. Maybe I will get something like a Gigaset S290 to test, which runs hopefully better. All in all, the OS has potential in any case, if it then runs error-free.

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Cancel that; clearly stated here Week 22, 2022: Development and Testing Updates that Samsung S7 and S7+ will not fall into that subset.

  • Samsung s7 / s7 edge will be OTA upgraded as part of v1.0


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