Shake to activate flashlight

On the OEM version of Android the phone used to have a feature of shaking the phone (even when presumably asleep due to the screen being off) to activate the flashlight. Is there a setting I can activate to enable this on /e/OS?


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Go into Settings and search for ‘camera’. See what pops up.
You haven’t specified your device, btw.

Usually gestures like that are device/vendor specific and might not be included in fairly vanilla custom ROMs.
Most custom ROMs will pull in device-specific features though. For instance on my old Motorola’s the ROMs will include Moto Actions (twist for camera, chop-chop for flashlight). crDroid on the OnePlus 8T includes OnePlus Settings section.

For /e/OS (or LineageOS) I do not know what extras are included for any particular device. My two current /e/ devices didn’t have OEM stock long enough for me to notice any specific features I might be missing. Though the Essential PH-1 mata does have a notification drop down via fingerprint sensor which is kind of cool. Available in /e/OS but not in LeOS GSI for instance.

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately I am not seeing any options like this. Possibly related since I installed /e/OS suddenly I have a front light flasher that notifies me of texts and emails. I love that this functionality apparently always existed in hardware but only /e/OS was kind of enough to expose it and make it available to me. For whatever reason the OEM version of android didn’t have this as an option.

My phone is the Moto G7 Play. I know what you mean by not staying stock for long. I used to do that with every phone I got back in the day but as it became harder and harder to do and bootloaders started getting locked I fell out of the practice. I’m glad I gave this a chance, I’m really loving it.

There is a ‘long press’ option when you search ‘flashlight’ in settings app. It might also be a different word, since my language is German.

Searching Settings for torch, I find

Long press for torch, with Power button when display is off.

Found in the Buttons > POWER menu


That’s what mihi said as well. So there’s no real option for a shake to start flashlight? It’s an OEM option only?

Alright. Thanks. To all those who replied.

I’m just trying to see what I can do or how I can best extend my use of the phone now that I’m in /e/OS. Sorry if I irritate with these questions. I promise that I am using the search function before posting.

All good, don’t worry about it. I also think ‘shacking’ things is an OEM thing, I think there are also Pixel devices which have ‘squeezing’, not sure that works with /e/OS.

Removed the solution after seeing more information on this when searching…

Lineage apparently has this as mentioned here with a user complaining that it was not working for them.

Following the path mentioned in a comment there I found the setting on my phone in /e/OS:

so theoretically it should be working. So now I’m wondering what it is that Lineage did that fixed the issue for the user in that thread, since they said there would be a fix in the next nightly six months ago.

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I have no idea why I said ‘camera’. Brain was not working. :grin:

So I don’t want to be a pain, but as no one has responded regarding the link I posted to the Reddit post where Lineage had an issue and it was then presumably fixed in their nightlies, I’m bumping this because it’s been five days.

Is there something I need to be doing here regarding this? A log file I can run and then post somewhere? Or should I just make plans to wipe and test out the unofficial (and very dated) build for this model of phone which may have that functionality working?

Just asking to see what the correct next action is here. Thanks.

the comment is referring to this

it’s only in lineage-20, not backported. /e/ has no public T builds for channel yet. Wait for T I guess

The issue is, in S builds it’s thinking the prox sensor is covered it thus ignores the chopchop

D MotoActions-ChopChopSensor: chop chop triggered
D MotoActions-ChopChopSensor: proximity sensor covered, ignoring chop-chop

In T builds things look better

D MotoActions-ChopChopSensor: chop chop triggered
I CameraProviderManager: Camera device device@3.3/legacy/0 torch status is now AVAILABLE_ON
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Ah, I didn’t realize that it was for a release so far in advance. Should I wait for it to come to my phone or continue seeking alternatives?

Thank you for your time and response.

so far in advance: in Lineages T is out for longer now. In general /e/ users miss out when Lineage is a few months ahead and fixes don’t trickle back to all branches. I’d just wait for chopchop to come along, question of 1-2 months

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I’d just wait for chopchop to come along, question of 1-2 months

Oh that’s not bad at all. I can do that. Thanks.

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