Sharing a quick Nexus 5X experience

Hi guys,

Newbie here, first I would like to thank everyone part of this /e/OS foundation. It’s been a smooth experience and real pleasure using the /e/OS on Nexus 5X (5 year old device) and loving it everyday :wink: A big thanks to device devs/maintainers for making it happen :heart_eyes:

I believe this is one of the best UIs with nearly zero clutter that can run on old devices in the android history ever and hope to see many more heavenly days ahead :rocket: :+1:

I did come across few other issues(mentioned in the topic below) which IMO are negligible considering the device age and the support it has now. But there is one issue with VoLTE which I recently faced after switching the networks and I am still investigating, will soon make another topic asking for help. I am on latest build which I recently installed with OTA.

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