Sharing calender with apple users

Hello, I would like to share my Murean calendars with people who only use Apple devices. They should not only be able to see the calendar but also edit it. Unfortunately, the share link does not work for the Apple calendar I created in the Murean cloud. Is there a simple solution for this?

the read-only use-case should work. Nextcloud exports a valid iCal / vcalendar v2.0 endpoint on click to “Copy subscription link”<auth-secret>?export

the edit permission is more difficult and only possible if the user has an account on the same server - Share calendar with other /e/OS users

If it’s family might be worth it to get them all accounts

Ok, I have an external person I want to share the caleder with including editing and he only uses apple. :thinking:

With some level of trust you can do this:

go to the bottom and set up an app password.
( qr code option, would allow for access through nextcloud app, if you wish )
Once the app password is set up find it in the device list on the same page and remove filesystem access ( if you don’t want to grant any )

Then in the calendar
at the bottom left you can find the setting and once you click the icon there you can scroll them up a bit to find the iOS link ( e.g. name )

With this you can add the calendar in iOS under passwords & accounts

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