Shelter - what is freezing?

When using an app in Shelter, what is meant by freezing and unfreezing?

freezing means ‘stopping’, so no background activities are working an that app

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As far as I know, it’s the same thing as the freezing in the android system itself. This means that target app is completely disabled so it can’t run in background and doesn’t start automatically.


Understood. Thank you.


would it mean that if I use Whatsapp under Shelter, I can freeez it = if I switch data / wifi connection on, no notifications pop up and I appear offline ?

Yes, that.s it :+1:

that will be great :slight_smile:
Thank you

but this ‘offline’ function is also buildin whatsapp, you know ?

Actually, I did not know. What I knew is that when you connect to the internet (either 3G/4G or wifi) you get the new Whatsapp messages and people seeing you were connected and checked the messages, whereas with other apps like skype, you need to have signed in to get messages and calls

under ‘settings’/'privacy`

, you can decide who will 'see’your and if someone should see, that you have read the message

ok, I will check.



I checked and the option was actually turned on, so I am now testing it turned off.

I do not remember if I had not seen that option before, or if I decided to leave it on … but in this second case, it would mean that what I actually wanted was:

  1. read the receipts
  2. but only when I open the app, I mean, I check the new messages in the main page, not when the app is in background
    and if I am not wrong, I read somewhere that 2) was not possible (either whatsapp could not be controlled by the setting of app “app data usage > background data”, or under wifi, there was not such option …)

Is the above correct?

Thank you in advance

I’m not the WhatsApp specialist, because I hate that app.

From logical side. If you disallow any data usage for Whatsapp, it won’t get any access to his main server and you won’t get any messages. But this is the same if you will open the app.
As far as I know, the settings will prevent that others can see when you where online last time and the other point will prevent that others will see that you have read the message.

But as I have written, I’m not the whatsapp specialist


I will test and see.