Signal don't send mms when not connected on wifi

Hello !
Since 1 week I test /e/. I am on a Galaxy S7 Edge (hero2lte) and I simply follow the wiki to install /e/, so i am on the 0.1 branch.

I have a problem with Signal. I can send SMS, no problem. But for MMS, it’s impossible to send a photo (with an album photo or directly taken in Signal) when I am not connected on a wifi… If I am at home, on my wifi, no problem to send an MMS.

Did I miss something ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve just made the OTA update (0.5 on the 0.1 branch), and I got the same problem with QKSMS… Impossible to send message with image when WIFI is disabled

Hi please can you raise it as an issue in Gitlab

Done with another problem in the same issue… Perhap’s a LTE connection problem ? :confused:

Issue is created, waiting now :slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot

Problem solved… It was an APN problem. The default configuration for my phone, and the french operator Orange, is not correct.
To solve the problem i had to add “,mms” in the field “APN type” of the “Orange Internet” APN