Signal FOSS in Applounge?

Hey there,
just before upgrading OTA to Q on my Galaxy S9 I used the Signal FOSS fork from fdroid because of an error with the location due to microG. Now there is only the official Signal version availiable in the App lounge and I got the same error again. Is there any change I missed or Any other solution than leaving the comfort of a single update source? Thank you!

There is no Signal-FOSS fork from F-Droid currently.
You can add the Signal-FOSS repository to F-Droid to get the App and updates via F-Droid … Signal-FOSS - TwinHelix … that’s different.
It doesn’t seem like App Lounge can handle this yet …

… but I don’t use it currently, so I don’t know the current status.

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See also this thread for Any solution.

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