Signal + Google propriatery blobs


Is Signal app phoning home to Google? I read in several places that when installed without Google play services it uses its own notification method but it still has Google maps integrated and some other blobs.

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Hello @BigAngelica05 If this is a concern, check out this fork of Signal without the Google-dependencies: Signal-FOSS.

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Yes, i saw that fork also i checked Molly and Molly-Foss. I am just looking for oponions and reasons to stick with the original Signal but I cannot evaluate how safe it is. I do not want to use a fork since it is not official, the developer of Signal said he does not like forks to connect to the servers and the forks could have more connection issues or be abandoned. I just want someone who understands the issue more to say if it safe for privacy since not many people know that there is Google code in the app and also this post -

I have been using Langis (patched version of the official). There is an older post here Langis (Signal name inverted) for android without Gapps or microG installed. Langis is Signal spelled backwards. I have been using Langis for many years. I also send up debug logs like in the official version with new updates if i see red (errors). So signal knows there are folks using forks such as Langis, Molly, Twinhelix, etc. I believe they don’t like apps that actually use their trademark name and not stay true to the license terms.

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