Signal not updated in Apps for 2 months

I installed Signal Private Messenger from Apps, but it has not been updated since the 22 of July (stuck at version 5.17.3). The version available on the Play Store is the 5.22.8 from the 7 of September.

I know Apps lags behind for updates, but it has been nearly 2 months, and Signal disables old versions of the app for security reasons. Would be good if the update could be pushed to Apps, otherwise I’ll be forced to completely replace it by Aurora.


Pl raise this on gitlab if not already done… I can then raise it with the development team. There are some changes being made to the default App store which should resolve these issues… The ETA I had on the development last week was of a month.

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Thanks ! Here is the issue Signal Private Messenger not updated in Apps for 2 months (#3782) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Is there a way how to help the /e/ team so that we get timely updates?

I am volunteering myself to a degree here :slight_smile:

Thanks for raising @Keplyx . Same issue on e0.18 suzuran, signal says version will expire in 10 days.
Within Signal “Apps” is not an option for updates.
Click on update from f-droid > “no such app found”, click update from aurora > “failed to fetch app details”.

Signal is not on f-droid, you either install it via the play store or from the apk on the website. If you want to update the app and you installed it from the /e/ App store, you have to make a backup of your data, uninstall the app, install it from Aurora Store then import your backup.

You have to do these uninstall/install steps because of Android security mechanisms. The app signature is the same, but the installation method is different (Apps installs from the system, Aurora Store from the package manager), thus the system rejects the update for security reasons.

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Good to know, thank you.
I had no idea about that - can’t even remember how I installed it…

Just did the switch from Apps to aurora store, everything went smoothly.

The steps were:

  • Make a backup of your messages in Settings → Chats → Chat Backups → Create Backup
  • Store your backup passphrase somewhere safe
  • Uninstall Signal
  • Make the /e/ Messages apps the default sms app (this is important to receive the Signal verification code)
  • Install Signal from Aurora Store, click continue on the first screen, it will automatically detect your backups
  • Finish the installation, then make Signal the default app for SMS again if you want to
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What about

Molly (A fork of Signal with passphrase lock) -

Does anyone have experience with Molly? How does it work, and what doesn’t work like norman Signal? Does it support Signal backups?

Yes, it supports Signal backups.
It looks like Signal.
It does not support sms/mms, like Signal does.
It crashes when try to open KeypassDX with fingerprint on opening the app and giving the passcode. This feature can be turned off.

Lets see if this app works in long term. It says it is updated regulary. It is shame that /e/ have not updated the Signal app on the Appstore. You might think that Signal is one of the important apps with privacy focused OS…

Hello @Manoj

Thank you for the info. Is the ETA still as expected? :slightly_smiling_face:

It may take a couple of weeks more… 2 weeks I am told.

It’s a serious issue.
Using Aurora is probably a valid workaround, but it ruins the purpose of having a built-in app store (Apps) with automatic updates.
And this workaround is probably not accessible to the average /e/ end-user, that just expects its apps to continue working, without bothering with upgrades.

If it will take 2 weeks, I suppose we won’t have any other solution?
Will Apps be able to upgrade Signal again after upgrading it through Aurora?

Nice, if APP stops working in 10 days without updating it

Everybody I know on /e/ (4 persons) uses Signal and is struggeling with this.

What worked very easy for me:
Download APK from Signal directly ( (as mentioned in the gitlab ticket) and just install it over the current version. Nothing lost, all works fine. I hope that later the auto update vie e-Store will work with this again.

Hope that helps others as well.


Yes, I can’t emphasize that enough.
And it is inefficient, unaffordable, if /e/'s team must manually add updates to their store.

Langis (Application Signal modifiée pour ne plus dépendre des Services Google Play (voir la description pour plus de détails)) -

Cette version de Signal a été construite depuis le code source original, sur lequel un patch a été appliqué pour que Signal puisse fonctionner sans les Services Google Play

Cette modification vous permet d’utiliser Signal sur un téléphone dont les Services Google Play ne sont plus à jour ou encore sur un télépone équipé de MicroG (

Pour en savoir plus, vous pouvez consulter le site du projet :

Vous pouvez aussi voir comment cette version de Signal est fabriquée, ici : CapsLock / signal-gcm-less · GitLab

from original app ( description:

Privacy is possible, Signal makes it easy.
Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data

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Signal has now been updated in Apps (source : Signal Private Messenger not updated in Apps for 2 months (#3782) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab)
I could update it through Apps (without playing with Aurora or downloading the apk)
It now does not complain any more, and is in version

Many thanks for those who quickly fixed this issue!


Also, many thanks for those who quickly fixed this issue!

Signal that is installed directly as apk updates itself when a new version is available from the server. No more need for the buggy app store.

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:pray: updated to from Apps. Thank you /e/.