Signal notifications

Yesterday my Samsung S7 edge was updated to V1. Now Signal messenger app and Coronacheck app doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to get them working again. It seems that MicroG exposure notifications is disabled.

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Hello @Hans Signal issue is explained here:

Looks like you lose everything if no backup is made before upgrade to Q.

Why microg exposure notifications wouldnt work, I do not know. Is it installed?

What does this mean, doesn’t work?

And did you try to clear the cache for both apps in the Settings app? This is always the first idea.

Hi mihi, After removing all cached and stored data I could reopen Signal, and it worked. Also reinstalled coronacheck app. Also works now.
Telegram is during the Q update replaced by Telegram Foss. It works if I open it from Settings/Apps and notifications, but I can’t get an icon on the home screen.
Also I had TWRP installed for recovery, (Volume up + home + power)
TWRP disappeared. Now /e/ recovery appears.
With menu items:
Reboot system now
Apply update
Factory reset

Advanced menu:
Reboot to bootloader
Reboot to recovery
Mount / system
View recovery logs
Enable ADB
Power off

So no backup possabillity!
And I don’t find my former backups

I don’t know how the ‘autobackup’ function works and if its still available after clearing data. Since its clearing the app data it would be gone. So if yo didn’t have a backup of your own, it’s probably gone…

Regarding, twrp it’s common that it gets replaced by e recovery, as I have read you can flash twrp by yourself, if you would like it back.

thanks for your help Mihi.

Your welcome. Did you buy your smartphone directly from e shop?

Hi Mihael,

Yes, I first expirenced a bit with rooting a Pocophone. Then I decided to buy a Samsung S7 edge with /e/ installed.

Works fine and without the Google play store.

For the future I’m thinking on a Fairphone with /e/