S7/S7+ upgrade related issue

Note: For users upgrading their S7 / S7+

Please note that we have been informed that some third party applications like Signal do not seamlessly upgrade during the process.

The reason behind this is that the nougat version of the app is not compatible with the Q version of the OS.
The solution to this is to uninstall and reinstall the latest build of the application.
Please note, this will cause a loss of application data in those specific applications.
Ensure you take a backup of the application data before proceeding with the upgrade.
This break in the application will also prevent the App Lounge from upgrading the particular application.

The issue has been reported on Signal for now. Maybe it is there in some other as yet unreported third party applications as well.
Pl let us know in this thread if other applications are also facing this upgrade issue.

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my experience: after upgrade mobile data is not fully available to all apps

I can confirm that after the upgrade mobile data is not available to all apps on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F), which runs on Stable and was ordered from the e.foundation shop.

It seems that there is no access to the DNS server by the apps not functioning when only mobile data is used. The internet addresses cannot be resolved.

All settings were checked, and the DNS was changed as well without effect.

too late, I lost my data for Signal…

I noticed that Element (matrix client) has the same problems.
both works after uninstall/reinstall

I have installed /e/OS 1.0 on my Galaxy S7 not OTA but with a fresh clean install from a previous unofficial Pie-build and don’t have any problems regarding mobile data and DNS services.
Maybe you could try the fresh installation if it’s not too complicated to setup your phone again from vanilla /e/OS.

Briar keeps crashing. Ive tried opening a new user and thus deleted all my messages…
also signal… and its a mess reinstalling…maybe losing access to messages if you have no backup…
:confused: :confused: :confused:

im very sad that there’s no rollback :confused: :confused: :confused:

I can confirm that checking and adjusting the APN settings got the browser back online on mobile data.

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Samsung Galaxy S7: I installed the /e/OS upgrade of June 27th (1.1-20220627199797) but the problem persists: No web access via mobile data (congstar) for most applications: Signal, Telegram, Nine, k-9, Ă–ffi. Browser access to some bookmarked pages, but not all. For example, I have access to posteo via webmail, but not to mail accounts via all-inkl.com oder Outlook Web Access (tested with Firefox, Firefox Klar, Default Browser).

Please can you clarify, are you using Advanced privacy off, and is it staying off?

This list of apps might not be the best to test in an Advanced privacy envirionment.

I believe some of the earlier reports were due to Advanced privacy being on … and not reliably switching off.

Perhaps, you are observing this second issue?

Hello, Advanced Privacy is off and even was so during my recent tests (relying on the GUI feedback - button is “off” and I see the hint, that my online safety is not ensured). By the way, calender sync via cal/dav works.

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Thanks for the information Manoj. I’ve experienced the same problem with Revolut App (S7 + Q). I followed the procedure uninstall + install and I have the latest build of the App now.