Signal update redirects to Google Play Store!

Hi to the community,
I was just informed by Signal that its support will end in 10 days and that I am supposed to update. When choosing “Jetzt aktualisieren” I am redirected to the Google Play store and am asked to log in!
Currently version 5.17.3 is installed. Why do automatic updates from the/e/OS store not work?

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Because the /e/ Apps store doesn’t know about any updates - see this thread

Better to use F-Droid or Aurora Store for app installation and updates (in my opinion :slight_smile: ). You’ll need Aurora for Signal as it isn’t an open source app so is not in F-Droid for some reason

That’s awkward, other apps have been updated, e.g. the CovPass App.

Yes. Apps seems to pick up some updates but not others.

With apologies to the /e/ developers working on it, in my view it is still an ‘alpha-quality’ and unpredictable app which isn’t ready for general use.

I also think trying to implement “yet another app store” is a waste of time and effort on /e/'s behalf, when F-Droid and Aurora Store are available, mature products which are still under active development. Developer efforts should be focussed on improving the core OS, and not on re-inventing a number of different wheels (Message/QKSM, Mail/K-9 Mail, Bliss/Trebuchet, Open Launcher, Lawnchair, Omega or any other Android Launcher and home screen app).

Other people have different opinions though :wink:


I agree Aurora & F-Droid are the best places for apps on /e/, but Signal IS open source. The reason it is not available via F-Droid is something else (which I’ve forgotten & can’t be bothered to look up.)

Thanks. Edited my earlier post

In any case, remember that you can download the latest Signal apk from Signal themselves, and just install it this way.
They call this a ‘danger zone’ to underline you must know what you are doing, but that’s definitely on their site and something I have done many times myself.

Thanks, this is the easiest way for now.
But these update problems with Apps Store (I had NewPipe issues recently, not being updated in time, and also a bug in Mail app months ago which was not present in K9…) are really annoying. I agree if devs are low on resources, they should focus on not reinventing the wheel when free alternatives are available.
But they may have some reasons… :wink:

Try Molly, it’s Fork of signal, open source and you can add the depot in F-droid.
I use it and i haven’t problem.
Best regards