Slowdown or crash with video?

Hi there,

Have a Fairphone 4 running /e/OS 0.21-2022012156786

I’ve noticed that when an app contians video, the system slows down in general and the app crashes quite often. For example, Reddit, Revolut and Facebook slow down or crash when there’s a video in the feed.

Before you ask, I unfortunately have to use Facebook for work.

Anyone else experiencing this? I saw a post about turning up performance settings, but I don’t see this on my phone, just an option to enable extreme battery saver mode.


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On my FP3+ (Android 10) I find it at Battery → Energy saving mode and performance (between Battery LED and Last full charge).

it’s the same issue that causes this

it’s been fixed in yesterday’s update. go to Settings > System updates and click the refresh button to see if it’s available for you to download and install.

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I don’t have that option :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up! Just installed the updated and issues seem to have been resolved!