SM-G870F Sim card not detected

Hi there,

My Sim card is not detected after installing e-0.11-p-2020091473413-dev-klteactivexx on a Samsung S5 Active (SM-G870F).

The card is detected in other phones and I tried other Sim cards in the SM-G870F with no luck.

Recovery and Rom flashed without issues. After first reboot, “No sim card detected”. I tried selecting my carrier in the network menu:

“No service: Selected network (Digicel) unavailable”

I read about similar issues here and there but the phone’s IMEI is still there, and the baseband as well. The phone works great otherwise.

I suspect it might have something to do with the baseband version, should I try and flash another firmware like this one, for instance: Galaxy__S5__Active__/2kp5/FTM/G870FXXU1BQC1/G870FFTM1BPL1/) which I’ve already downloaded.

Also, the phone was locked to Orange Caraïbes carrier before the installation.

I’d be thankful if you could help me out, I’m at a loss here.


Not detecting SIM is always an issue of the firmware/modem.

From my side of you, you should try / flash the latest available firmware (same verson as eOS is).

The firmware on witch /e/OS is based is viewable in the « /system/build.prop » file

If you are a Macrosoft user, you can use « samfirmtool » to find, download, and flash the correct firmware if you need.

Thanks for your replies!

Samfirmtools points to the same firmware I found earlier: SM-G870F_G870FXXU1BQC1_Lollipop(Android 5.0)_FTM_Update Rom_20170512

So I proceeded to download and flash it. The device went into a bootloop.

I flashed Recovery and Rom again, went back to square one. /e/OS boots, “no sim card detected”.

Also, editing /system/build.prop shows: -> Meaning the firmware on which /e/ is based is that of a regular S5, not a S5 active.

As you probably guessed, this is all fairly new to me, any additional guidance would be appreciated!

you need the complete factory firmware with 4 files
not the simple update firmware with only 1 file

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I indeed flashed the one-file version at first.

I did as you said, and I’m back to the (crappy) original stock Orange build. Sim card detected (Yay!) and locked to Orange carrier.

Two questions:

  • How do I flash /e/Os and make it use the right modem firmware so that my Sim card is detected?
  • Am I wrong to think installing e/Os/ will remove the Sim locking?

And a third, are the two issues related?

Merci pour ton temps! :slight_smile:

In the install documentation and the howto, it is notified that is better to remove PIN code and others stuff before flashing a custom ROM.

• call orange to carrier sim unlock
• flash the XEF firmware (french free of carrier) instead of the FTM firmware (with orange parts)

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Hi Piero,

The XEF firmware is nowhere to be found for my phone, so I called Orange and they sent me the code surprisingly fast.

I unlocked the phone while on the stock firmware, then flashed recovery and /e/Os once again and it worked!

Thanks again for your advice!
Bien à toi,