SM_G960U1 success stories?

Hello All,

Are there any success stories for the Samsung Galaxy S9 SM_G960U1? I have tried the steps listed for S9 with total failures and the Easy install doesn’t support it yet.

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@piero , would you mind elaborating on that GSI thing a little bit? I just bought an SM_G960U1 not knowing that Samsungs for the American market are different from Samsungs for the EMEA market. I think it sounds like if I install GSI onto my SM_G960U1, then I will be able to install /e/OS, is that right? I am not very technically savvy so please keep it simple for me. :slight_smile: Thanks.

The devices shipped with android 8 and 9 are compatible with the treble project.
The idea is to separate the devices related files than the system related files, the goal is to have the aviability to update android without dependancy from the manufacturers releases.
Generic System Image should be installed on every compatible device

So it sounds like I ought to download GSI regardless. I received this Samsung Galaxy 9 with Android 10 installed, does that mean GSI won’t work? And once I have GSI downloaded, can I put /e/OS on it?

I am talking about the /e/ GSI builds available on this forum

Gotcha, I didn’t realize there was such a thing. So I should follow the steps from your link to install GSI on my Samsung, and then I should follow these steps: [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th ? Thanks for helping me out with this.