Smartphone mail-in: we’d love to hear from you

For a few of you out there, flashing a smartphone to install an OS can be done in a matter of minutes; for many, it is uncharted territory and an impossible learning curve… WE HEAR YOU!

To solve this issue, we’d like to offer flashing your smartphone as a mail-in service. How does that work? Simple as 1/2/3:

We send you a foam postal box and prepaid shipping sticker to send us your beloved phone.
An expert technician flashes your smartphone with love and care and installs /e/.
A few days later, you receive your smartphone with /e/, ready to be used and abused

We’d be curious to know how much you’d be comfortable to pay for such a service. To make it simple it would include smartphone flashing, packaging and not to forget pick-up and shipment!

Answer our anonymous poll on Limesurvey here

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The first installation of !e! on a device is very complicate because :
first, we have to collect all informations in differents articles, most in english, some in our language, to get an approximative comprehension of the process,
then we can run the process, and we have to collect, install, all the paquetages needed to build one in case of Samsung (first compilation in our live)
The second installation process is easier, faster and stressless (tools are already installed on the PC) .
In my case I need about 15/18 hours with a friend for the first flashing night, about 2/3 hours alone for the second device few mons later, and I hope about 1 hour for the next…

Thanks for Mandrake, Thanks for !e!

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