Smartphone request: Gigaset GS4

I’d love if /e/ would support as well the brand new GS 4 from Gigaset. Another smartphone with a replaceable battery, fairly priced and assembled in Europe…

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Yes, Please ! GS seems truthfully !

From me a yes too, please :slight_smile:

Greetings to all,

I am also giving my vote for the GS4.

Compared to GS290, addition to what has been already mentioned, GS4 has better camera and especially the possibility use dual SIM and SD card, all three at the same time. All this with very minimal premium on price.

The feature to use the 2 SIMs and SD simultaneously, does not exist in the GS290 (the model is available in e-foundation e-shop). Lack of this feature is major obstacle for me at least. If GS 290 had the feature to use 2 SIMs and SD simultaneously, I’d buy one today.

Perhaps the GS4 would be available in e-foundation e-shop one day?

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Yes, I’m waiting for the GS4 too - great upgrade for the GS290: removable Battery, better camera…
And also made in Germany!

Yes GS4 please! good phone, partly made in EU … just need to get rid of G*****

GS4 seems to be a good smartphone. Build in germany, with /e/ it will be perfect. Want one.

At the moment from hardware point of view it doesn’t make sense to get the GS290. It is at 229€, exact same price as GS4.
Is there a possibility to get /e/ on the GS4?

Edit: I have just seen the GS4 for 195€ on Amazon and got it. I hope I can get /e/ on it some day soon! :smiley:

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