SMS app over wifi?

Hi All…
Just about to install the latest e foundation (1.9) after a brief dip back into LinageOS (mistake).

I have just moved into an area with poor mobile/cell signal, I have got around the call problem by using wifi calling, but SMS/texts are defeating me. Every sms app I have looked at that uses wifi is only available through the dreaded google playstore or is part of a social media app. I managed to get a version of Signal installed just now, only to receive a message saying that Signal will stop doing sms from 6th May, only other Signal users will be able to contact each other using sms from that date. …damn…

I will not use any social media or of course, google, but cant seem to find a foss app that just allows wifi sms, am hoping you folk may know of something?

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SMS is a service provided by the mobile network. It is not possible to send or receive SMS messages via WiFi.

Some messaging apps will send messages via SMS when the mobile network is available, and use other methods when it is not. And SMS messages are addressed to a phone number, so without mobile network access, they cannot be received.

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Seems I did not use clear nomenclature when defining my problem.

Of course SMS is across cell/mobile networks, but as I stated, I get a poor network signal and therefore am looking for an app that allows me to send texts across wifi.

I will only use an app that is not social media or google. I had thought Signal was the answer, but they are stopping this service on 6th May and so I am trying to find something else that is foss.

Signal stops the builtin SMS support. Not the general Signal messaging. So you can keep using it.

Hi irrlicht

Really? Just had a message saying that sms service will only be availble between those with a signal account from 6th May… Having said that, I cant find that message now…

I say it again: Signal stops only it’s SMS/MMS support.

Until now they could send and receive encrypted Signal messages and unencrypted SMS and MMS messages. Only encrypted Signal messages will survive.

Why remains a mystery. This article repeats only the idiotic statements the Signal Foundation made.

As I understand it, Signal can send normal, non-SMS messages only to other Signal users. Until now, it can also send messages to non-Signal users via SMS and the mobile network. But that service is being withdrawn, so you will be no longer be able to send messages to non-Signal users.

Most messaging apps / services only allow sending of messages to other users of that service.

Some apps (e.g. Element Element - Secure Messenger | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository) do enable sending messages between different services, via bridging. So from a single app you can send messages to users of WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. BUT that bridging is not available for free, you would need a paid account from

sms is thing IMS can do, it doesn’t care if you’re coming via LTE or Wifi - lte - Is SMS Over IMS That Important - Stack Overflow

on the US carrier list it’s a column - [LIST] Features list for devices - VoLTE/VoWifi/Wificall per-device carrier compatability

To avoid confusion (on my part), did I say it right then that I cannot send a text over wifi with Signal after the 6th May except to others using Signal? Please bear in mind that I have had Signal installed on my mobile for a couple of hours, no idea how it all works yet…

Have no desire to send any messages to any social media platforms, I dont know what ‘bridging’ is, simply want to be able to send texts across wifi… If I cant, I will have to stand at the end of my road to be able to send or receive texts…

Is there really no foss app for this?

perhaps I misunderstood the request from @fasteddy , but I thought that the question was about VoWifi / being able to use that feature from device / carrier to be able to send SMS … and my experience is that it works.

Thanks tor those links. So SMS via Wifi may be possible if the device and carrier support Voice iver WiFi?

yes, if carrier supports it and device registers for the capability the carriers IMS can deliver SMS via the same ipsec tunnel you setup to communicate to the carriers IMS via any Wifi. Unfortunate that this is marketed as “SMS over WifiCall” (in Germany at least)

@fasteddy - Android should be able to do this natively and QKSMS (native /e/ messages) just show the sms. If it works™ between your device and carrier

Appreciate your replies guys, but please explain these terms you are using as I dont know what they mean, I came to the forum in the hope that wiser heads could explain this to me, if I understood all this terminology, I probably would not need to ask on the forum… Have ended up more confused than I started.

Will try to be clear again;

I want to be able to send texts over wifi…
Wont use either social media or google to do it…
Am looking for a foss app for this…

That is my experience.
Unfortunately it is a device not on /e/OS, so I cannot comment on the OS abilities, but definetely SMS can be sent over Wifi networks if:
carrier (telecom / network company) enables it
device is compatible with the feature
OS is compatible with the feature

At least that was my understanding …

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Thanks sonyxa2, does that mean I can send a text over wifi? Am in the UK, using Adsa mobile which uses the vodaphone network. Spent many hours trying to see if Asda mobile had some way of doing this, their customer services told me ‘just use whatapp, you can download it from google playstore’…

Have no hair left to pull out anymore…


what I can read from Introducing Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling for Asda mobile customers :

"What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling allows you to send and receive text messages or phone calls completely through a Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can still communicate with other people even if you are in an area without signal."

So definetely your operator enables the service on their network (that’s a good point, in my experience, not all of them did it in the past)

Now, two other topics to check:

  1. phone capabilities : which device do you have? Some people here in the forum can confirm if that model can support the feature

  2. OS: I cannot say if there is any constraint on /e/OS versions (I cannot use the feature with my /e/OS device, since not supported by my operator, so I cannot check that …)

I hope that helps

The problem is that you say just “text”.

I tell it the 3rd time now: Signal sends (and will also in future send) encrypted Signal messages to other Signal users.

Signal will in future not send any other text messages like SMS or MMS to any other users.

I am not in the UK, but a search came up with the following. It seems you need to be on Android 11 (R) or higher. The question remains whether this is available in e/OS/ yet.

The article also states that getting a femtocell device is an alternative.

Asda Mobile claim to support Wi-Fi Calling.
So, go to your phone’s settings and, if your phone has each of these options, select:

Network and Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Wi-Fi Calling

You should then be able to see if the feature is switched on.
If it is switched off then toggle it on and set the Calling Preference to Call over Wi-Fi.
You should now be able to send and receive SMS (i.e. “normal” texts) over Wi-Fi when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
This will not require you or anyone you converse with to install any extra apps.
If I have misunderstood what you want then I apologise and hope for clarification from you.

My plain SMS app (“Messages”) sends and receives ordinary SMS over wifi with mobile network switched off.