SMS messages categorised under wrong contact names


I am experiencing something that seems to be a very peculiar bug.
I would like to report it and ask for help on how to solve it.

Text messages that I receive are consistently categorised under the wrong name.
So it appears that my mum is texting me while in fact it is my boss. When I texted my mum to ask her if she had texted me, she did my text, but her reply ended up under my boss’ name. (In other words: the phone number attached to the sms is different from the phone number attached to the contact under which the sms is listed.)
Likewise, the Signal app verification code seems to be sent by my brother, and my hairdresser’s message appeared to be from the police.

All texts messages that I have recieved lately, appear under a wrong name. If I receive multiple text messages from the same sender (A), it consistently appears under the same wrong name (B). If I receive a message from person B, it appears under A. If I send a message in the person A thread, person A does indeed receive it.
(So to clarify, if I want to read back the conversation, I have to combine the sent messages in person A’s thread with the received messages from person B’s thread.)

I am using the regular, preinstalled Message app, and I use ecloud to sync contacts, calender, email.
phone: Samsung Galaxy S9, /e/ OS 0.23
build: e_starlte-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20220511.193159 dev-keys,stable-release
Message app version: 3.7.10.

I recently reinstalled /e/ OS. Since then I have this issue.
Not sure if this is important, but just when I was setting up my phone, I received a text message around the same time that my contacts were syncing. (My contacts were not yet synced, so I just saw the phone number.) After that, I restored my phone backup via ADB, including my old text messages.

I am curious to know if anyone has had a similar experience, and how to solve it.

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whenever I read of qksms users reporting on the misattribution of messages it happened after restoring a backup. You can take apart the sqlite db file that has the messages and see the problem - the probably straightforward way to correct this is to remove the database and starting fresh.

I looked into message / qksms with the misattribution issue in the past: Messages issues: not syncing, not backing up, and texts going to wrong threads - #2 by tcecyk and found upstream bug tickets and recommended update.

The upcoming /e/ 1.0 release is updated to current qksms 3.9.4 (Import OKSMS v3.9.4 update in Message app (#5037) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab). Wonder if you still experience your issue after the update

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Thanks @tcecyk !
I’ll wait for the update and see what happens.
If issue remains, I’ll try the other solution.

I will keep you updated.

Yes! This seems to have fixed the issue.

The old, already misattributed messages stayed misatributed, but new incoming message are categorised correctly.

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